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In Nagoya. My goal is to take pictures of delicious sweets looked more beautiful and delicious. I love the relaxing time at my favorite cafes with lovely, delicious sweets. Please check my photos.

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Lovely Sweets To Eat At A Comfortable Cafe

Kissa Aoto's Peach Melba. Vanilla ice cream, syrup pickled peaches, crispy pie and raspberry sauce. And with sliced almond, it's authentic Peach Melba. Though they has a little opening days, they have many fascinations that make us want to visit even if we need to wait.


Tasty Specialty Coffee & Homemade Bagel

A specialty shop of home-roasted coffee beans. Their beans are all special qualities. I had 'set of azuki bean jam & butter bagel sandwich and coffee mug', whose homemade bagel contains delicious sweet bean and butter. Their proud coffee makes us feel relaxed and the enough amount tempts us to be stay longer. The tiny display of flag is even so lovely!


Fluffy Egg Sandwich Of A Retro Authentic Tea Room

Kissa Zoumeshi is a famous cafe in Nagoya. Their 'Kissa-no Tamago Sando (Cafe's Egg Sandwich)' is one of the good-seller menus, and it has freshly fried fluffy thick egg. And miso-meat spread on the soft bread becomes good accent, and make it taste rich. They serve this elephant cookie for all menus. I could feel relaxed with cafe latte of Nishio Matcha.


Atmosphere Of South France Provence & Vegetable Based Cuisine

Cafe Fleur is so lovely like a fairy tale world. They use only vegetables, so this dish, looks pork cutlet, doesn't contain any meat! It cooked with soy bean curd lees and konnyaku. I was super surprised to eat! It's healthy and sufficient. The hawthorn juice to drink before a meal will help digestion.


A Big Flower Bed With 160 Thousand Tulips

Tulip Festival in 2019. Its Big Flower Bed's tulips and also the cherry blossom are at their best, we can see more beautiful scenery than the years before. The 160 thousand tulips designed like the stream of Kiso Sansen Rivers and ripples, are worth seeing very much. We enjoyed walking around and around the flower bed very much.


Good-Old Delicious Custard Pudding

Shokudō Pekori offers healthy food made from quality foodstuffs, and has a calm atmosphere. I like their lovely plates and also delicious sweets. Of all others, Pekori's Pudding is a good-seller, has a little firm texture, and topped with homemade ice cream and caramel walnut. It's so delicious that I want to visit again to eat it!


Cute & Delicious 'Cookie Cup' Good With Coffee

The second floor of Nagoya Matsuzakaya south building has just changed into KiKiYOCOCHO. A coffee specialty shop R ART OF COFFEE is located in it. And its original sweets for the coffee is this 'Cookie Cup'. It has condensed various deliciousness, which is a small, lovely, and perfect sweets.


Ice-Cream Soda With Lovely Elephant Cookie

Kissa Zoumeshi is a popular cafe with retro mood. Lunch, familiar sweets and seasonal sweets, are very fascinating. They're all delicious and also have lovely appearances. It's located in a walkable area from Nagoya Station, and you can eat the local food of Nagoya here.


Stylish Breakfast With Specialty Coffee & Arranged Toast

The building renovated from a warehouse, has a high ceiling and spacious room. The coffee is hand-dripped one by one specially. In the morning, the coffee is served with toast and boiled egg, what's more, you can change toast to arranged one, and add granola and salad.


A Whole Cake Attracts Women's Hearts

A whole cake named 'LADY'. If you're cerebrated with such a lovely cake, you can have a happy year. This cake of course, it offers various kinds of cream puff, which are good-seller, they all have unique appearances and tastes.