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Hi. Shrines and temples, castles and delicious food. Driving, camera and going out are all what I like. Thank you :-)


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This shop covered with moss like a world appears in movies of Studio Ghibli, is a flagship of a long-established Japanese confectionery shop TANEYA. They prepare ice cream with rich taste of milk, and fleshly baked Baumkuchen, and other various kinds of sweets. You can enjoy these confectionery while you feel relaxing nature.
Obasute Station, one of the three most scenic train stations in Japan, is located at the top of steep slope, and the train climbs by the method called switch-buck, that is rare in Japan. On the top of the slope, you can see the beautiful scenery of Zenkoji Daira Basin, such as apricot, cherry blossoms, and Obasute terraced rice fields known for 'the moon reflected in all rice fields (Tagoto-no Tsuki)'.
Tsurumine Park is admired as the best place of azalea among Chubu Region (nine prefectures located in the middle of a main island of Japan). There're 30 kinds and 30 thousand trees of azalea blooming on the slope. You can enjoy the flower for a long term for azalea has various time of blooming as its kinds and colors. The clear blue sky and beautiful azalea in May, why don't you leave yourself to them?
Okaya once had the biggest produce of raw silk in the world. You can learn the history of growing silkworm that had supported Japanese modernization, from the exhibitions of historical records and precious machines in existence. And at Miyasaka Silk Factory, you can see how to spin silk actually, then, the delicacy of raw silk and the high-level skills will make you moved.
This castle has a long history since Japanese Heian Era, and now it's a people's oasis with rich nature. You can see the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossom in spring and colored leaves in autumn. Here's also good for castle-loving people for there're some castle features such as stone walls that has a history of Sengoku battles with Takeda Army.
The alleys with latticed walls and waterways make us feel like traveling to the old Edo Period (around 1600-1860). The castle town are lined with many long-established shops. And a government office at that time 'Takayama Jinya' and the morning market are also famous as tourist spots. You can touch the history and cultures of Hida Region.
Surrounded with basins in all directions, Utsukushigahara, on the lucky condition, is enclosed by the sea of clouds. The beautiful mountains in Shinshu such as Northern Alps and Mt. Asama, and the sea of clouds can become a wonderful view! What's more, the mountain trekking is possible here, so you can enjoy beautiful Shinshu Region by your whole body.
Located at a back alley, this restaurant is warm like your old home, and lively mothers welcome you. Their Chuka-soba noodle (Ramen) with a strong and little bit sweet soup is a specialty of Kitakata, that has many fans in Fukushima and also other prefectures.
A beautiful Japanese garden named 'Unreian' welcomes the customers. Various tastes of sake and shochu made from sake lees. You can taste these sake and listen to the stories of the brewer. With Japanese garden and sake in a room of Japanese atmosphere, why don't you find your favorite sake?
People say 'Shinshu Soba' in this one word, but there're various kinds and ways of eating in each area. Gyoja Soba is one of these, and eat it with Karami Daikon (hot white radish) and Yaki Miso (burned miso) in the soup. You can enjoy rich smell and taste of soba noodle in miso flavor.