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I like eat-walking tour and drinking. Mainly in Aichi. Enything else, food and landscapes I find during my travel.

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Flower Lagoon With So Many Seasonal Flowers

Flower Lagoon in LAGUNASIA always has beautiful seasonal flowers. In this season, roses are beautiful. Bouquets floating on the water, floor of rose, and arch with illumination, are really beautiful. Roses will be over till 5/26, then hydrangeas will start from 6/8. A discount Star-Light Ticket is available from 4:00 p.m.


Cherry Blossom And Tulip Blooming Together

'The Most Beautiful Garden Of Cherry Blossom & Tulip In The World' with 1300 trees of cherry and 500 thousand tulips is now at their best to see. There're many places to take pictures, and there's also a zoo together, we can enjoy this place all day long.


Heavy Growth Of Oriental Paperbush All Over The Mountain

The same as Broussonetia kazinoki, Oriental Paperbush was planted to be used as a material of paper. It has expended to the mountain. It's like a golden carpet in a depth of mountain, at the same season of cherry blossom.


Carpet Of Canola Flower & Happy Yellow Mailbox

The canola flower festival tells that spring has come to Irago Cape of Atsumi Peninsula. There're many places to take pictures, a carpet of canola flower, happy yellow mailbox (you cannot post letters), and cradle bench.


With Edible Butterflies! A Seasonal Strawberry Parfait

The antique-like building has a cafe at the fist floor, and a restaurant at the second. Also its garden and chapel, all of this place are very lovely and photogenic. Their strawberry parfait is decorated with butterflies made from edible papers.


Inuyama Castle Town Filled With Heart-Shaped Goods

Make a wish in a heart-shaped Ema. Sanko Inari Shrine famous for the god's mercy for good relationship among people, and Inuyama Inoue-tei famous for the soy sauced rice cake. The rice cake is usually round, but sometimes it becomes heart-shape!


All You Can Eat Various Strawberry For 30 Minutes

Strawberry picking of various top-grade strawberry like, Akihime, Benihoppe, Kaorino, and Yotsuboshi, with condensed milk as much as you want for 30 min. Frees are different by the time. There're barbecue place, restaurant and winery, so we can enjoy the park all day long. What's more, we can stay in Glamping from this year. That's must be Instagrammable, isn't it?


Soda Punch, New But Old Somehow

Rikkatei is a famous cafe of shaved ice that opens only in summer, but it opens also in winter this year. People would wait for as long as three hours in summer, so now is good to visit. While the stocks last.