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Custard Pudding A La Mode Offered Till The Stocks Last

Denki Sabou is a parfait specialty shop though, they offer custard pudding a la mode♡I love the rich vanilla ice cream and custard pudding that has nice firm texture♡ What's more, their parfait of matured-cheese cake and strawberry is also my favorite! You need to order one drink, but they're less expensive than other parfait shops. It's located in Susukino, so easy to access when you travel around.


Rich And Firm Textured Custard Pudding

I've heard Cafe Tocoche's custard pudding is delicious, I could eat it at last. It has firm texture and is delicious, and their Basque-style cheese cake tastes also rich! We can eat pasta for lunch.


View From 28th Floor & Afternoon Tea In The Sky

It's the afternoon tea in the sky♡ I visited immediately for the cake menu renewed from 9/1. Petit tart of purple sweet potato, maple mascarpone cream, baked sweet potato, custard pudding and scone of pumpkin, jelly of grapes and so forth. I enjoyed my favorite sweet potato, chestnut, pumpkin, and also autumn specialties like grapes and apples♡