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  • 11/18/1983
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I take pictures of landscape mainly in Tokai Region.

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30 Thousand Trees Of Autumn Colored Kochia

Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort's run has as many as 30 thousand Kochia and seasonal flowers. In this spacious flower fields, I could feel refreshed so much.


Beautiful Terraced Rice Fields That have Been Protected By The Locals

I felt relaxed with the scenery of terraced rice fields that appeared as soon as I get out from the car. I like this green scenery in this season specially. You can see the fields both from the top and the below.


The Fusion Of Night View From Observatory And Projection Mapping

From 7/14 to 9/24 at a 90 meters observatory of Nagoya TV Tower, you can see the collaboration of images that expresses the underwater world and the night view of Nagoya. The moment of the downtown of Nagoya changing into the underwater town, must make you really moved.


You Must See NOW! Art Aquarium Of Goldfish Associated With Japan

This goldfish art aquarium is exhibited from 7/21 to 9/16. It's for the first time in four years, and excellent as a summer event. You can enjoy art of Japanese atmosphere and goldfish a in cool room.


Unique Arts Composing Great Contrast With The Blue Sky

In the huge site located at the altitude of 2000 meters, as many as 400 contemporary arts are exhibited under the sky. They can become more special with the feeling of refreshing breeze.


A Scenic Tower As A Symbol Of Utsukushigahara Highlands

Uruwashi-no Tou is a symbolic tower of Utsukushigahara Highlands. You can see the clouds stretch below if the weather is good, and enjoy hiking at this wonderful location.


Reflected Another World In The Pool After The Rain

Only after the rain, there's a pool at a bank between the river, and when you look in Shiohama substation, the amazing scenery found in it! Nighttime is also great.


A Lighthouse Makes The Sunset & Stars Romantic

Located about 500 meters walk from the parking area with sea breeze skimming along the field, there's a symbolic lighthouse that is selected as one of the 50 most beautiful lighthouses in Japan. Particularly, it becomes the moving view spot when the sun sets.


A Great Observatory Commanding The Whole Nagoya City With Comfortable Breeze

Going up from the 42nd floor of Midland Square, there's an observatory commands the whole view of Nagoya city. The night view of course, the daytime is also magnificent. For the well of its architecture, you can feel the comfortable breeze together.


Night-Factory View Like Jewels You Can Look Down From An Observatory

With the sun setting, the night factory are lighted, and the scenery from the 14th-floor observatory is fantastic and impressive. For there's an exhibition room and huge images, you can learn about various information and history of Yokkaichi Port.