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I live in Kyoto Prefecture. I will introduce good places in mainly Kansai Region which I think as a City's Pride.

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Moving Scenery Of 150 Trees Of Weeping Plum Blossom

People will be fascinated with the scenery of weeping plum blossoms and fallen camellia flowers. Nanjōgū wrapped with the sweet smell of plum is breathtakingly beautiful. We can enjoy them not only the time of full-bloom, but also from when the blossoms begin to bloom to when they start to fall.


A Cafe Like A Secret House We Can Enjoy Tea In A Flowery Room

The first floor is a shop of dried flowers and various goods and the second is a cafe. We can enjoy food and drinks with flowers, such as jelly punch with colorful fruit, elderflower and herbs, and non-alcohol drinks of flower liqueurs!


Strawberry Sweets For Only Limited Season

Eton Mess (a traditional sweets in England) for only limited season. It's a glass-dessert of many strawberries, vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, and crisp meringue. I was impressed with its volume and deliciousness that deserve more than only 700 yen. You should call them and ask to put it on hold.


Cosmos Spreading To The Beautiful Countryside

In the beautiful countryside, cosmos bloom to the whole field as large as 3.5 ha. You can enter the field for free and pic up 10 flowers for 100 yen!


Original Menus For Only Matcha

Lovely and original Matcha Latte with a bottle like ink! It has rich taste of Uji Matcha but refreshing aftertaste. You can bring the bottle to your home and use it as a small flower vase or herbarium.


A World Heritage Site We Can Meet Deer As A Natural Monument

More than 1000 wild deer live in the huge park with lush greenery, and we can meet them freely. Some stands sell Shika Senbei (deer's cracker), and you can feed them, but please beware of so many deer getting together around you!


Everything Is Lovely! A Photogenic Hotel Of Kitano Club

As a secondary line of a famous and formal French restaurant Kitano Club, it opened as a wedding ceremony hall and restaurant targeted for the twenties and thirties. It's a photogenic hotel with many lovely shooting-spots!


Water Hyacinth Blooming All Over The Paddy Field

About 400 thousand pale purple flowers are spreading all over the paddy field, and its scenery is very beautiful. The best season to see these water hyacinth is from the late August to the late September!