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Season's Specialty Parfait

Offered from September, the cheese-cake parfait of fig and grape contains red wine jelly, and tastes for grown-ups. Please enjoy plenty of seasonal fruits that you can taste only in this season while looking at Kyoto Tower.

Itōkyūemon offers ice pop that is popular as a parfait. This Kyoto's sweet looks lovely and tastes authentic, so it's excellent to eat while walking.


Season's Limited Parfait

Itōken is a long established Japanese confectionery shop with a history as long as 150 years in Kyoto. We can enjoy cafe, lunch, activities, not only the Japanese sweets. The seasonal parfait and shaved ice with fruit are must-eat.

The restaurant buys a whole Matsuzaka Beef at once, so customers can eat lower-priced lunch of high quality beef. This 'Gyu-sen Don' is displayed gorgeously on a plate, so we can enjoy both its appearance and taste.

They offer different flavors for shaved ice every year. The ice is fluffy, and the syrups are made specially. We never get headache during eating it! It's a must-try shaved ice!

We'll fascinated with the beautiful Kyo-Yūzen designs in the daytime, and a forest of LED lights at night. It's a soft and elegant Kyoto world, so you're encouraged to visit once when you travel in Kyoto.

Maison De Frouge is a strawberry sweets specialty shop offering strawberry all around a year. Of all others, Millefeuille is a good-seller, and we cut ribbon before eat it like opening a present. Please enjoy fully ripened delicious strawberries.

Kokoromi is the first cafe of AWOMB, a sweets' shop famous for Teori Gashi. We can enjoy both their tastes and appearances, and considering about these combinations.

Its silhouette and volume that overturns the fixed ideas of sandwich. A fascinating sandwich that makes us want to eat unconsciously. For they're prepared till the stocks last, you should go, in the early morning, to this shop located in the calm nature.

Matcha Tiramisu made with Asamiya Cha which has a history of 1200 years, and is admired as one of the 5 best Japanese teas. Its texture is very smooth. The tea fragrance spreads to the whole mouth as soon as we eat it.