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I love travel and photos very much. I want to take pictures of my favorite places and times with my families.

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Pumpkin Designed By Yayoi Kusama

For reservation only, some people can hardly get tickets as they want. The building outside has that famous polka dots! We can get excited with only that. The museum is not so spacious, but it was not crowded because of the time reservation only. You can meet the golden pumpkin at the rooftop.


Like A World Of Rapunzel With Many Lighted Lanterns

There're many lanterns at the garden of this hotel, and we can enjoy the world like a movie of Rapunzel. What's more, we can feel relaxed to look the illuminations while we drink something. It's opened till the end of February.


An Aquarium With So Much Healing Effect

Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium is not so crowded, and we can enjoy leisurely as long as the time allows. Some chairs are prepared to gaze the biggest aquarium at the second floor. It was supreme healing time for me to sit here and gaze sea creatures without thinking anything.


The Largest Illumination In Eastern Japan

It's large anyway, we can't see all of them in one time! It's also identified as one of the three largest illuminations in Japan. At some popular spots, people wait in a long line to take pictures.


A Park We Can Meet DORAEMON

There're characters in DORAEMON at Otogi-no Mori Park! We can enjoy taking funny photos from various angles. On this day, some tourists from China visited here.


Lake Kawaguchi, Beautiful In The Evening Glow

The sun setting in the mountain over the lake we saw this day was really beautiful! We can enjoy seeing the lake view lazily, or playing actively in a swam-boat!


Art Museum Enjoyable If You're Not A Fan Of Keith Haring

The solid exhibitions are wonderful of course, we, with children, could enjoy its cafe very much. Lovely blocks designed by Haring are prepared for the kids' room and children can play freely. They got very excited with it.


Beautiful Mt. Fuji Just Beyond Lake Yamanaka

Very quiet Lake Yamanaka in the early morning. On sunny days, we can see the beautiful Mt. Fuji just beyond the lake. I boiled water by gas burner brought by myself, and enjoy supreme morning coffee.


Spiral Tricolor Art Of Wonder

'Rolling Cylinder, 2012' is an art work which makes us feel like to walk in a spiral sign you often see at barbershop in Japan. It's by Carsten Hller. We couldn't see Leandro Erlich's 'Pond In The Sky' exhibited in the courtyard, because it was covered with snow.


Neo Futuristic & Beautiful Library In Kanazawa

Kanazawa Umimirai Library has selected as one of the Most Beautiful Public Libraries In The World. The polka-dots on the wall are, in fact, windows. There're as many as 60000 polka-dots!