• hiroshima
  • 5/22/1980
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I'm not fat but plump!! It's important for me, please make sure of it.


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The local specialty noodle is made from 'Takakibi' cereal and has unique elasticity. You eat it with secret soap and some good spices such as yellow garlic chives (specialty of Okayama). So the delicious dish is only in this restaurant.
Origin of the fish's name 'Mamakari' is that we have to borrow rice because the fish is too delicious and rice becomes short (Mama means rice, Kari means borrowing). And it goes well with vinegar. So you can eat the local specialty of Okayama.
This is the bowl of rice topped with Chiya beef that is descended from excellent blood and grown in Okayama. The amount of production is not so much that is called rare. Surprising good flavor and softness in it's marbled meat. A renowned delicacy!
The Hitsumushi is a specialty meal of restaurant 'Takotsubo' at lunch. The exquisite meal is conger and rice steamed in a wooden container called 'Ohitsu' with green onions, laver and wasabi. You can choose conger or eel and I think conger is lighter.
The Hiroshima-yaki uses high quality wheat, many cabbages, meats, grilled noodle mixed with eggs. It is soul food of locals and one of the best Hiroshima-yaki in Hiroshima, I ate one 'Sobanikutama'.
Shukaen is a famous restaurant for Onomichi ramen and people make line to eat the ramen. The soup with punch and flat noodle are the traditional. In Matsunaga is less crowded than the head shop. Moreover people say the Matsunaga shop is the most delicious.
No.1 in Miyajima! Fresh, thick tastes and big. Its smell tempts people and a deer to form a line, then the long line appears. It's near the ferry, you should eat at first.
It looks very big, and I was surprised at the big oysters. But, to tell the truth, I ate up completely. Why? Because it's delicious!! You can eat in a flash!
Delicious! You should try the local gourmet when you get tired of usual way to eat oyster. What a revolutionary oyster it is!