• Kochi
  • 5/7/1993
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Live in Kochi. 25 years old, and like to eat and travel. Many attractions of Kochi.

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Rinrin Suzunoya located in 10 min walk from Kochi Station, and stands alone calmly. They have various menu, that satisfy the customers from the first dish. What's more, if you take a counter-table, you can see them cooking bonito with straws in front of you. All the dishes we ate were delicious.

Kochi has many cafes. Of all others, Coffee Shop Zumzum has the breakfast with great value for the price. The breakfasts are all 450 yen, and even with coffee, it's 500 yen! We must be satisfied with the price and meals to eat in a comfortable cafe.

Katsura-hama is famous as a scenic moon-viewing spot, and said to be loved by Ryoma Sakamoto who is a historical figure who played an active role at the end of the Edo period. It commands the whole view of The Pacific Ocean, and we tour the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto, and some souvenir shops.

A must-place to go after we drink! A gyōza stand Yasubei located at Nijudai-machi, where we can walk from Obiyamachi. Its crisp and juicy gyōza come in my stomach one after another! It's good for the stand to open late at night. For Yasubei is a very crowded food stand, so we need to be ready to wait, but at the early time, you may don't have to wait.