• kanagawa
  • 3/25/1989
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I fly to everywhere I think attractive. I'm always curious and have a good appetite!


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A new local food of this city. Simple grilled noodle (yaki-soba) with meat sauce of tomato and pork which are grown in this area. Its rich taste is addictive!
The pond fiiled with snow-water of Mt.Fuji has very imoressive clear blue. These're also a part of World Heritage Mt.Fuji. You can take photos in the old traditional village in front of Mt.Fuji.
Piping hot Houtou in a pot has many vegetables and satisfying quantity! In a soup of miso made around Mt.Fuji, homemade noodle with comfortable chewiness in very delicious! For people like spice, it's nice to add Fudo's secret spices in it.
Attach the special harness and move in the air from tree to another tree. It's a popular activity in Europe you can play in the genuine facility of forest adventure. I feel really refreshed when I cut the winds at Zip Slide and get down to the ground from a tall tree!
Located in the site of Hakone Gora Park. You can try glassblowing, glass sandblasting, pottery wheel and so on. For instructor teaches by your side, beginners and small children can enjoy making works.
For the ingredients of hot spring, this black boiled egg (Onsen Tamago) is said to be able to extent one's life. Though it looks jet-black, the inside is almost the same as ordinally boiled egg… But wait! Its yolk is very thick and not dry.
Clouds of white smoke and strong smell of sulfur forming from rugged rocks. You can see these activities of the volcano very near. Owaku-dani is the site of explosion crater made by eruption of Hakone Volcano 3000 years ago.
A shrine famous for the divine help for money and success in life stands along the Ashino-ko Lake. If the weather is good, you can see the torii and Mt.Fuji together on the lake from the opposite bank.
A shop stands the opposite side of NARAYA CAFÉ, and a foot bath between the two. They sell the works of neighboring artists. And their gourd-shaped Monaka (bean jam in the dough) 'Narayan' looks cute and would be a nice souvenir!
Located at Hakone, a famous place for Onsen, it's a café with a foot bath renovated from Naraya Ryokan Built 50 years ago. You can see the extensive mountains of Hakone. The 2nd floor, there're tables with gallery and you can enjoy the different kinds of interest.