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I take pictures of beauties on the earth such as beaches, woods, and living creatures.


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It tastes full-bodied rather than strong, and if it's used for miso soup, it serves as a foil for the other foodstuffs. Good both as a seasoning and as subtle flavor! This local specialty is sold at this shop, and also you can look around the factory and enjoy it in the restaurant.
Autumn foliage viewing in the city. A spacious and calm scene weaved by Japanese style structures and maple leaves. The reflected autumn colors on the water surface are also beautiful.
Japanese sweet with long history of Asakusa where is crowded with tourists from inside and outside of Japan. This yokan is rich and filling, and its gentle sweetness is pleased very much as a souvenir. Also nice for your own teacake!
About 2 hours from Nagoya or Kyoto. Near Takefu Interchange of Hokuriku Freeway, there's a temple of Soto sect. Cats living here are protected carefully by members of the temple and cat-lovers. Please don't make noises and go after, but you can see them and feel relieved.
Very savory 'Ita-nori' made from green laver gathered in Hamana-ko Lake and black laver grown in Aichi. Toasted lightly, good scent of seaweed becomes stronger. It's even nice to eat without anything, and also boiled rice will make a delicious combination with Ita-nori.
Dokan-zaka slope is made by earthenware pipes and bottles to prevent wall collapse, and town of shops with wooden warmth. When you walk on the pottery road, you can enjoy the feeling like time travel.
The scenery seen from the lush plants of southern countries is like an art the nature has created. White waves between the shallow beach and the deep sea. Gently curved horizontal line makes us realize the sphere of the earth.
A representative Nagoya food, Kishi-men. The soup tastes lighter than it looks but has definite 'umami' in it. Please enjoy the chewy flat noodle with such a delicious soup.
Waterfall sounds cutting off the bustle of a big city. Vivid green plants changing its tone with the season. Put yourself into the silence that you never think you're in a big city. I think it proper that here was once a retired house for the lord of Owari area.
You can see the various presented exhibits at a memorial hall. And the large site harmonizing seasonal flowers and woods with modern architectures. It reminds us of Aichi World Expo theme 'wisdoms of nature'.