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  • 8/17/1996
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A strawberry cake in a glass container. You can feel the good sweet smell of strawberry when you take the lid off. It has not only fresh cream, but also the grilled meringue on the top, to enjoy various texture. Among them, so many strawberries and much fresh cream are used for this cake!

Strawberry comes every bite! Campbell Early's parfait has many Amaō strawberries of Fukuoka Prefecture. (Amaō is a kind of strawberry famous for its sweetness and big size.) People make line to wait in front of the cafe around 2:00 p.m., it's better for you to go there from noon to 1:30 p.m.

Dome-shaped cake (called zuccotto) with many Amaō strawberry!! We can find Amaō (one of the famous varieties of Japanese strawberry) in the cake however many strawberries we eat. And we can eat Amaō every bite.

Many chic breads in the airy shop. It's nice to eat here, or you can bring them out of course. They offer the pudding on a plate, and put fresh cream for about 50 yen.

The appearance of course, the taste is also special. The topped meringue tastes strawberry and pistachio! Then under the meringue, there're many fresh cream which is not so sweet, and many strawberries.◎About 1500 yen. If you add more 400 yen, you can eat their specialty, half-sized Warabi Mochi together.