• Tokyo
  • 2/10/1987
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A buffet breakfast preparing all kinds of Japanese, Western and Chinese food. We can have a blissful breakfast time in front of the Kobe ocean view at the open patio with full of resort mood.

This hotel stands at the supreme location to enjoy the beautiful night views of any directions you see. It's the biggest attraction of Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel.

A room filled with resort mood, and the nice ocean view from a large balcony as I forget the time passes. Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel is good for resort stay at a longed-for coastal town, Kobe.

A perfect night cruise you can see the glittering town sight of Kobe, and go under the illuminated Akashi Ohashi Bridge which is the longest in the world. It's so supreme night view that I can declare having a date here must be perfect.

Along the street, there are some brand shops and open cafés. You never feel the busy streets around Tokyo St. or the Imperial Palace are adjoin. You can spend the comfort and calm time here on holidays.

The building is designed by a architect flourishing in Britain. The decorations like a classic hotel or townscape harmonize with Tokyo Station built of red bricks.

It is the beautiful English garden harmonizing with an art museum. You can have a good lunch time in the open air café of Marunouchi Brick Square.

The cafe is a renovated old bank and the decorations of ceiling and lights are very nice. The interior like bank window is also nice. And it gets crowded on holidays or while the attractive exhibitions are hold.


The Casual Lunch of Aman

The cafe is available without a reservation and serves reasonable lunch even at Aman. But it is particular about ingredients and cooking method.

The luxury hotel Aman opened in Tokyo. In the first floor of Otemachi-Tower, many trees brought up with tender care are planted as it is like in the forest. This hidden cafe is like in Otemachi forest.