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I'm Emily born in Okinawa and grown in Okinawa. I introduce tourists spots and Instagrammed cafes in Okinawa.

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High Quality Coffee

Sunstache Coffee Bay is a ocean view cafe. They use coffee beans certified as organic JAS. It's made from fresh coffee beans grown without using agrichemicals nor fertilizers.


Beautiful Bougainvillea

Utopia Farm Miyakojima is a touring farm located 10 min by car from Miyako Air Port. We can see gardens of mango, flower, and fruit for only 350 yen. Under 12 years old children don't need entrance fee.


Fluffy Pancakes

You can choose two or three pieces for pancakes, and it's only 400 yen for two. Eggs Benedict is prepared limitedly, and their cappuccino has lovely bear on it, which is good for Instagram, isn't it? The tables at the terrace command ocean view. Close: Mondays


Very Voluminous Crapes

Cafe Waka Waka is a crape specialty shop offers voluminous crapes. We can feel comfortable in the retro and chic atmosphere. Their crapes are delicious of course, and so voluminous that we must be full.◎Opening hours: 13:00-19:00 No regular holidays.


New Okinawa Soba Noodle

A chef-owner who had been to 100 soba noodle restaurants including ones in small islands during only one year since he decided to move to Okinawa. We can eat Okinawa Soba that differs a little from other restaurant's ones. The interior is like a cafe so as for women to visit alone.◎Open: 11:30-16:00 Close: Wednesdays


A Cafe In The Air Of Hawaiian Morning

KAIHOLO means 'the morning sea' in Hawaiian language. KAIHOLO CAFE offers the breakfast menus of Hawaii. Please enjoy your time leisurely at KAIHOLO CAFE.◎You can meet a chief dog 'Hana'. Open:7:00-16:30 Close: Fridays


A Cafe In Resort Atmosphere

THE CALIF KITCHEN OKINAWA is a fashionable cafe with resort atmosphere. It has seats at terrace, sofa seats, table seats, and also room for kids. They prepare various kinds of menu, and lunch for low price. It's nice cafe for girl's meetings.◎Opening hours: 8:00-22:00. Closed irregularly.


Instagramable Multi-Brand Store In Okinawa

Accessory making by yourselves. Hand-made accessory sale. Instagramable acai bowl and smoothie. If you order to put your initial, the clerk is so kind to grant the requests.◎10 seconds walk from Makishi Station of Yui Rail. It's located beside Makishi Park. Opening hours: 12:00-19:00.


Iejima Tacchu Mountain As A Symbol Of The Island

The altitude of Iejima Tacchu Mountain is 172.2 meters. You can arrive its summit soon, but the slope was more steep than I expected. But, the scenery is amazing and makes me forget the tiredness! After climbing the mountain, let's take a rest with a specialty IE SODA!


Lovely Instagrammed Buildings

Depot Island has more than 130 shops of food and fashion. And its buildings are very fashionable, so we can enjoy all day taking photos excellent for Instagram.