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I'm a mother of two children and like traveling. I go around Kanto region with a camera in my hand.

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At Wakasu Seaside Park facing to Tokyo Bay, you can enjoy sea fishing in front of the view of Gate Bridge. Also, the swings commanding a whole view of Tokyo Bay and rental unique bicycles.◎Parking lot for ¥500

Through the exhibitions of real trains and real driving experiences of simulators and small trains, you can learn about the history and improvements of trains. The sounds of steam engine's whistle you hear close are very strong.

The room with full of retro toys and old-fashioned penny candies is like 1950's! At a haunted house of an old school ruins, you can undergo the real fear by the original way of directions.

At the park that makes the most of the water's edge, you can enjoy scenery of both a canal and cherry blossoms at the same time. In April, they will hold 'Shinagawa Canal Festival' with many stalls standing in lines.◎Shinagawa Canal Festival will be held between 2017/4/7(Fri)-4/9(Sun). ※The eve of festival will start from 18:00 on 4/7, and it will end at 15:30 on 4/9.

The stone tunnel was artificially formed as a part of the construction of the stream over 300 years ago. Looking down the scenery like a fairy tale, you can ring the 'lucky bell' .

KidZania is a town to the scale of two thirds for children. Basically only children can enter the pavilion to experience jobs. Parents may feel the big growth for children wearing uniforms and working.

The whole of Mt.Nokogiri is the precincts of Nihon-ji Temple. You can enjoy the superb view such as a sweeping view of Boso Peninsula from 'Jigoku-nozoki (looking into hell)' and 'Hyaku-shaku Kannon' Statue craved out at the former stone quarry. I like the solemn atmosphere of mossy approach to the temple.

A beautiful horizontal line of Tokyo Bay in all directions. Not only stopping as a parking lot at highway rest area, but it's good as a place to enjoy the ocean panoramic view!

A motif of this garden is the children's story of H.C Andersen, a Dane author. In the large 30ha garden, you can enjoy the seasonal flowers and greens.

Famous cake 'HIYOKO' becomes soft Kaiten-manju. You can choose the ingredients among red-bean jam, white-bean jam and custard. Just baked one is of course delicious, but the cold is also good.