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  • 5/7/1991
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I like to go chic cafes and travel in Japan and overseas very much. I frequently update my Instagram. Please follow at ease and enjoy my pictures.

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Big Sunflowers

Sunflower field of Kasaoka Bay Farm. Each sunflower is big and beautiful. There're small hill in the center of the field, and photo spot like a bus stop. It's better for you to wear shoes that you don't care if they get dirty.

We can enjoy beautiful tulip fields in spring. A big bird covered with flowers is also very impressive! It's better for you to put on walk-easy shoes, for this park is bigger than you may expect.

A tunnel of cherry blossom. We found beautiful full-bloomed cherry blossom trees on the way to Cosmos Hill. There're a few people, so we could enjoy taking pictures.

The cafe on the second floor opens from noon. Tea Party offered only for a limited quantity of plates. The sweets on the plate change every month, we can enjoy it many times. If you want to eat it for sure, don't forget to reserve!

I went there in the morning of weekday, so I could take pictures easily because there were less people. I like its little known place. Though any parking areas are unavailable, it was very beautiful, why don't you visit this year?

Ravo Bake Coffee's strawberry cake is offered only 25 cups a day. It's not too sweet, and its size is good for me to eat it up. They will be sold out on holidays, so visit early!


Photogenic Anywhere

They offer lovely limited drinks each season, so we can enjoy every time we visit. There're bottled and canned drinks, but the good-seller are sold out. What's more, the shop is photogenic everywhere!


The Whole View Of Lake Biwa

I went THE BIWAKO TERRACE in autumn, and enjoyed autumn colored leaves at the same time! We can go up by a rope way, and the temperature drops at the top, so you need something to put on.

Smoothie of Santa Claus and reindeer offered only Christmas season. It tastes sour-sweet and refreshing. They're sold very much and many people come and wait to drink them on weekends. It'll be better for you to go on weekdays if you can.◎1080 yen

Houjicha Latte (left) and Matcha Latte (right) with fancy and Kyoto-shaped cookies are very lovely♡ They're more massive than their appearances, so they'll make you full enough.