Best Tourist Spots Except For Temples In Kyoto

Here're best tourist spots to go except for temples or shrines in Kyoto. We selected the top ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Kyoto, and released the ranking, including Miyama Thatched Village and Boathouses In Ine.

16 Best Tourist Spots Except For Temples In Kyoto

1Nanatani River, Yawagagi-no Michi Street

Cherry Blossom Tunnel & Carpet With The Scenic Countryside Of Tamba Area

I was totally fasinated by the long line of trees and a tunnel of cherry blossom. For the good balance with calm scenery of a countruside and greens, you can enjoy the landscape you cannot see in cities.

2Miyama Thatched Village (Kayabuki-no Sato)

Old And Good Countryside In Kyoto! 'Thatched Village' Leaves The Original Scenery Of Japan

Miyama in Kyoto, 'Thatched Village (Kayabuki-no Sato)' has old style houses with thatched roofs. The village with the remains of tasteful Japanese scenery is selected as the preserved district of important cultural buildings. Enjoy slow trip at the tasteful village in Kyoto.

3Late Sunflower In Oharano

An Autumn Event! Red & Yellow Sunflowers In The Autumn Sky

This sunflower field reaches its best season in September every year. Under the high blue sky in autumn, 15000 sunflowers including rare red ones swing in the breeze. Many people visit here to see the beautiful scenery of the sky, sunflowers, mountains and rice fields.

4Mt.Nyoi-ga Dake (Daimon-ji Yama)

The Mountain '大' Of Daimon-ji Gozan Okuribi Is Nice For Hiking With A Superb View Of Kyoto

Mt. Daimonji, famous for the August festival 'Gozan Okuribi', is popular as an easy hiking spot. From 'hidoko' a fireplace, you can see the whole view of Kyoto, and it could make you feel refreshed!

5Kyoto Aquarium

Jellyfish Fans Shouldn't Miss! An Interactive Art Of Kyoto Aquarium

A lots of jellyfish appeared in aromatic and dark room create a very fantasy world with unexpected light effects. How about being healed by the swinging jellyfish in this winter?

6Gregarious Japanese Irises

As Many As 1 Million Flowers Of Japanese Iris! Gregarious Place Located Calmly In A Country Of Headspring

Gregarious Japanese irises was unexpectedly found by a photographer a few years ago. At the time of full-bloom, the whole scenery even the face of a mountain is wrapped in a white world of Japanese irises.

7Amanohashidate View Land

The 3 Best Sceneries in Japan, Amanohashidate as Hiryukan View

The 3 best sceneries in Japan, Amanohashidate view looks like dragon descending. But, if you look the view upside down, it looks like dragon ascending. So, the reverse view is called Hiryukan. See it among own legs. This detail is written at the link page.

8Haradani En

Like A Paradise On Earth! A Cherry Blossom Garden Dyed Pink

At Haradani, the environs of Kyoto, this garden is opened in spring and autumn. Various seasonal plants and flowers entertain the visitors, especially, spring cherry blossom is much worth seeing. Although it could be very crowded in cherry blossom season, you must come all this way to see this pink garden.

9Boathouses In Ine

First Floor Is A Port And The Second A House!? Funaya Houses Standing In A Line On Ine Bay

In Tango Peninsula, the northernmost of Kyoto, Ine-cho is selected as a reserve for important cultural buildings. Many people visit here to see the town scenery living with the sea that I can't expect at all.

10Fushimi Jikkoku-bune Boat

Jikkoku-bune Boat Going Slowly Between The Full-bloom Cherry Blossoms & Willow Trees

From the end of May, the cruise of Jikkoku-bune Boat start at Fushimi in Kyoto. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms and willow trees, and the tasteful townscape of Fushimi.

11Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Gardens

The Illumination That Appears In A Movie At The Oldest Prefectural Botanical Gardens

Opened in 1926, known as the oldest prefectural botanical gardens in Japan, it cherished by people in Kyoto and also tourists. In recent years, it opens during the nights and holds illumination event. In 2016, the scene appears in Japanese movie and get into the news.

12Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride

Rapids Sometimes! Hozu-gawa River Boat Ride Through The Seasonal Scenery

Hozu-gawa River boat ride goes from Kameoka in Kyoto to Arashiyama for about one hour. It's very tasteful to see the scenery on a boat, and thrilling to drift on the rapids sometimes appearing! One of the attractions is the guide of a handsome boatman who tosses off a gag.

13Kitayama Yuzen Giku Flower Field

Purple Carpet! Rare Kind Of Purple Chrysanthemum Named 'Kitayama Yuzen Giku' Blooming Proudly In The Country

At Kuta area, deep in the mountain in Kyoto City, this purple chrysanthemum blooms in the middle of summer. People take care of this flower nicknamed 'Kitayama Yuzen Giku'. Now it became the popular summer scene of Kuta and the wonderful flower field entertains the people visit here.

14Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum

Sake Attractions At Its Brewers In Fushimi, Kyoto

Fushimi, Kyoto is a town of sake brewers since the old times. A museum of Gekkeikan, a famous brewer, you can learn about sake making and drink spring water used as an important stuff. What's more, you can taste sake and get souvenirs, sake loving people must be excited!

15Kanabiki Waterfall

Easy Access Waterfall With A Power To Heal Us

Though even the beginner can access easily to Kanabiki Waterfall, it must make you impressed! The collaboration of fresh greens and the waterfall is, for sure, Instagenic!

16Gyoja-bashi Bridge

A Tasteful Bridge Often Used For TV Drama Scene

It's very instagenic for you to wear kimono and walk across the bridge! I like the beautiful willow tree season from the early summer to autumn!