Best Onsen Hot Springs In Hokkaido

Here're best Onsen Hot Springs in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Onsen Hot Springs posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Onsen Hot Springs In Hokkaido [1-3]


Futami Tsuribashi Bridge


Futami Bridge, A Popular Spot Of Autumn Colors In Hokkaido

Walking along the path from Jozankei Onsen town to Futami Tsuribashi, you can see this autumn colored leaves shinning gold here. It's a popular places to appreciate the fall foliage in Hokkaido.


Kawayu Onsen Station


Waiting For A Train With A Wood Carving Bear. A Foot Bath At Kawayu Onsen Station

In the east of Hokkaido, the Senmou main line running across from Kushiro to Abashiri. At the Kawayu Onsen station, there is a space for a foot bath where was redecorated a comer of the station building. The water flows down from a wood carving bear is 100 % hot spring water comes directly from the source.


Oyunuma River Natural Footbath


Little Known Place In Noboribetsu! A Wild Natural Hot Spring River For Legs

A natural hot spring for legs at the side of the river flowing from Oyu Marsh. You can come with your hands empty because the cushions are prepared. It takes 15minutes on the path but be careful, it's like a mountain path.