Best Beautiful Townscape In Hokkaido

Here're best Beautiful Townscape in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Beautiful Townscape posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Beautiful Townscape In Hokkaido [1-8]


Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium


Japan's New Three Best Night Views! Sapporo City Seen From Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium

You can have a whole view of Sapporo City as one of Japan's New Three Best Night Views, from the observatory located at an altitude of 307meters of Mt. Okura. The night view from Mt. Moiwa is more famous though, Mt.Okura has an original angle, so I like it!◎The observatory of Mt. Okura is closed by evening, but sometimes they open longer. You need to go up to the top by ski lifts, so don’t forget winter clothes.


Hakodate St. John Church


Beautiful European Buildings & Church, And Scenery From Hills

Hakodate has many beautiful buildings. Many hills toward Mt.Hakodate command the nice view of the city. Night view is also worth seeing!


Goryokaku Tower


Goryokaku & Hakodate City View Seen From A Glazed Observatory

Hakodate is related to people lived in the end of Edo era such as Ryoma Sakamoto. You can learn about the stories of Goryokaku that now become the wonderful view.


Nemuroshibetsu Station Ruin


The Device for Turning a Train Remains at Old Nemuro shibetsu Station that is terminus of Shibetsu Line

Here is one of the best 30 spots in Shibetsu City. The device for turning a train and wheel remain at old Nemuro shibetsu station although the Shibetsu line stopped at 1989.


Wakkanai Port Kita Bohatei Dome


Like A Greek Architecture! A Breathtaking Huge Breakwater

This huge breakwater is 14m high and 427m long in Wakkanai Harbor. It's like a symbol of Wakkanai and also acknowledged as a heritage of Hokkaido. A half-arched dome is rare in the world.


Tokachi Farm


Appeared In TV Drama 'Massan', Beautiful White Birches Standing In A Straight For 1.3km

An entrance of Tokachi Farm. Here's well known as a low of white birches where Massan and Elly held their hands and run through in a scene of NHK's morning drama. Also it's acknowledged as a beautiful grove of Otofuke town.


Moerenuma Park


An Artistic Glassed Architecture By Isamu Noguchi

Glass Pyramid is located at Moerenuma Park designed by Isamu Noguchi, which I can't associate with a waste treatment center once stood here. You can see the whole view of Sapporo City from the mountain, and feel refreshed so much.