Best Local Specialty Restaurants In Hokkaido

Here're best Local Specialty Restaurants in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Local Specialty Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Local Specialty Restaurants In Hokkaido [1-8]


Yukijirushi Megumilk


Anokoro-no Katsugen' A Comfort Drink For People In Hokkaido In Showa Era

Katsugen' is a bottled lactic acid drink born in 1956 sold only in Hokkaido. And 'Soft Katsugen' is familiar to people here now, too. 'Anokoro-no Katsugen' is reproduced the same strong taste as the old times and has sold within a certain of time since January 2016.




The Taste & Volume Loved In Hakodate! Japan's No.1 Local Hamburger

A local food that explode the image of 'a retro town Hakodate'. The most popular one loved by also the local people, Chinese Chicken Burger with spicy deep fried chicken bigger than buns is very good!


PIPE no Kemuri


A Superb Beef ' A Stake Of Sagari'

A chef who have trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo finally found a stake of sagari (a part of skirt) whose good flavor comes out every time you chew. There are three kinds od sauce, mushroom, garlic and say sauce.


Road Station Akkeshi Mikaku Terminal Conchiglie


Oysters All Year Round! Rich & Creamy Oysters Grown In Akkeshi

Akkeshi is only place to be able to forward oyster throughout the year in Japan. The plump, rich and sweet oysters are very delicious! You can eat food and find souvenirs of oysters and specialties in Akkeshi here.


So Delicious That You Can't Stop! Rich And Fresh Oysters Grown In Akkesi

You can eat famous oysters such as kaki-emon and maru-emon to make them braised right here. There are less sightseers, here is a kind of secret place you can enjoy oysters.


Buta-don TONTA


Best-Seller Pork Rice To Eat Even You Have To Wait

Tonta has a line of people who wait to eat the pork rice 'Buta-don'. Good balance of juicy meat and sweet sauce. I don't mind if I have to wait before eat it. They sell also its sauce, so it's happy for us to be able to cook the similar pork rice at home.


Must Eat If I Have To Wait In A Line! 'Buta-don' With Thick Cut Pork

Their menu is only buta-don. They prepare matsu, take, ume, and hana differing with its amount of pork. Thick cut pork grown in Tokachi, seasoning of fewer sugar and savory small are sooo good! You may have to wait in a line and share a table with others, but it'll be worth eating.


Pork Chap Roman


A Sheer Cliff Of Pork Loin! High 7cm And Weigh 700g Weigh Porkchap

It takes 45minutes to grill, a good taste of pork is condensed slowly in the oven. With a sour sweet sause, you can eat lightly. By the way, 'mini' is weigh 400g.