Best Restaurants In Osaka-shi

Here're best Restaurants in Osaka-shi, Osaka. We released a ranking of reviews about Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Osaka-shi.

Best Restaurants In Osaka-shi [1-10]

1Fukushima Sugar

【In Fukushima Area of Osaka】 The season of strawberry has come. Fukushima Sugar has become a big talk as a delicious and photogenic cake shop, and now many reservation rushes to eat their cakes. They made all of the cakes one by one, and we must be excited at first sight!! They have rules to reserve tables and cakes, so please check their Instagram.

The strawberry tart and strawberry chocolate chip tart have an excellent balance of not-too-much sweetness and strawberry sourness! Together with the lovely appearance, they make me want to eat again and again.


Photogenic Sweets

Best seller strawberry sponge cake as one of the strawberry sweets started since the end of November. We must be fascinated with the lovely appearance, its sponginess and deliciousness. I can see the pain of owner in all sweets.

2Parfait-teria Largo


Photogenic Parfaits

'Parfait & Alcohol, Parfait-teria Largo' is a cafe opens from daytime till night. They prepare sandwich and coffee for daytime, and parfait and drinks for night. The room is filled with greens and flowers, where we feel very relaxed.◎Just opened on 12/3 in Umeda, Osaka Prefecture.

Parfait-teria Largo is a parfait specialty cafe in Osaka. I had a mango parfait with limoncello, it looked like a beautiful summer sunshine. Two kinds of mango, refreshing yogurt, raspberry, and shining jelly. Add the limoncello whenever you like to make it grown-up taste. It looks beautiful, also tastes delicious.


Beautiful Parfait

Parfaiteria Largo opens late at night so that we eat parfait as the last dish of the day. Other foodie-website wrote that we cant reserve tables on holidays, but I saw many customers came with reservations. We may be able to reserve now....?

3Conrad Osaka 40 SkyBar & Lounge

Sakura Spiral Afternoon Tea on a stand like spiral staircase, which is a symbol of Conrad Osaka. It tastes light, but each of them is delicious! The cherry blossom non-alcohol drink is served as a welcome drink.

Conrad Osaka 40 SkyBar & Lounge is very photogenic, and also their sweets are delicious! I like this lovely appearance of Halloween Afternoon Tea. The ordinary one, spiral afternoon tea is also my favorite.

4Ton ton cafe

If you visit once, you may want to visit every month. Ton ton cafe's most seller is a lovely parfait that changes every month. On this day, I could have two kinds, January and February ones at the same time.

Ton ton cafe offers lovely parfait every month. In January, 'Būko Parfait' with a symbolic pig of this cafe. There're many lovely ornaments of pig in the room.


A fruit parfait we never come without eating after we eat it once. The fresh fruit changes every season, so we want to visit many times. I, specially, fell in love with the crunchy texture of vanilla ice cream.


Photogenic Fruit Parfait

Best selling parfait with many chopped fruits. And homemade rich vanilla ice cream with the texture like crushed ice on the fruit. You can enjoy seasonal fruits so much.


Fruit Parfait

JUICE PLACE is a specialty shop of cold-pressed juice and fruit parfait. Their parfait has many chopped fresh fruits, and homemade rich vanilla ice cream on it.

6smørrebrød kitchen nakanoshima

A restaurant of Northern European open sandwich what is called 'smørrebrød'. Their seasonal parfait also looks and tastes great. smørrebrød kitchen is located at the second floor of a historical Nakanoshima Library.

In a retro building Nakanoshima Library, you can eat smorrebrod food in Northern Europe and wine. You must be fascinated with this unknown cafe.◎Smorrebrod food is, in short, many ingredients on thin and soft bread. It's nice for it to open till 9:00 p.m.

Smorrebrod' is a local food of Nordic countries. It looks colorful open sandwiches and the tastes are also genuine because they use the fresh and safe foodstuffs. It's located in a historical building, Nakanoshima Library, so you can enjoy sandwiches at your own pace in the retro mood.

7HOOD By Vargas

I expected that I need to wait in a line to eat this toast, what a surprise, it was not crowded!! The crispy toast with much butter, and Mascarpone, condensed milk, and strawberries pressing on it. It's awesome and sooo sweet! The shop is calm and quiet, I wanted to be here more.

8Groovy Ice Cream GUFO

Groovy Ice Cream GUFO is a specialty shop of soft serve ice cream. They offer the season's limited one and regular one. We can choose ice cream from two kinds, and many kinds of toppings as you like! The shop assistants explain one by one for you.


Ice Cream Specialty Shop

GUFO is an ice cream specialty shop. We can choose milk or Hazelnut, then select the toppings such as sauce, nuts, and crushed cookies on the ice cream. Their parfait offered for only the limited term is also a good-seller.


Super photogenic parfait that expresses a big strawberry by many strawberries. It has lovely appearance, but of course, it's delicious. I can't take my eyes off from Fujifrance who create the unique hand-held parfait that I want to eat every time they release the latest one.


Photogenic Sweets

Fujifrance is a specialty shop of Mont Blanc (chestnut cake). There're many colorful and lovely sweets in the showcase. Their parfait in clear-cone cup is also a good-seller.


It's a parfait sold during the limited term. The appearance is so lovely and also the taste is so good. Pistachio, almond, and strawberry ice cream are topped, and the inside is separated by bitter chocolate!

CHOCOLATIER PALET D'OR is often seen in SNS. Their parfait is photogenic and has high quality. You can enjoy eating seasonal parfait.

It's voluminous so much and as satisfying as one meal. Each of the three layers has different character. It's ideal parfait as a reward for myself! I want all sweets-loving people to eat.