Best Shops In Japan

Here're best Shops in Japan. We released a ranking of reviews about Shops posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Japan.

Best Shops In Japan [1-10]


Hirakata T-SITE


Book! Book! Book! A Surprising Bookshelf Crammed Up To The Ceiling

T-SITE in Hirakata,Osaka is a shopping mall composed mainly of Tsutaya book store. Obviously, they keep a wide variety of books then, display of bookshelves are worth seeing.


A Super Chic Bookstore, Which I Think The Most Beautiful In Japan

Hirakata T-SITE just in front of Hirakata Station. Though it's located a little far from famous tourist spots in Osaka, it's must-visit place. There're so many books lined up to the whole surface on the upper shelves that I wonder how I can take that books. There're not only a bookstore, but also a cafe with it, and all of the shops in this building are fashionable.


A Photogenic Bookstore

There're high book shelves at both sides, and you can sit on the chair and read books you're interested in. After reading books, take a rest at a restaurant and cafe! Also, you can take very instagenic photos in front of the book shelves.◎1 min walk from Keihan Hirakata-shi Station. Opening hours: 7:00-23:00. Please be careful to the others when you take pictures.


Kutsuwado Main-Store


Mild Taste Pancake Using Shiroshita Sugar

Shiroshita is a sugar before processing to make sugar cane white. It's very simple and mild taste, with fruit you may not need syrup. On the second floor of a long established Japanese confectionery shop.


A Big Rice Cracker! A Long Established Confectionery Shop Bake One By One

Kawara (a roofing tile) senbei in several sizes. They use Sanuki specialty shiroshita sugar and wheat flour. It's crisp and hard cracker that make you addicted!


La Collina Omihachiman


Like A World In Movie! Photogenic Shop Standing With Nature

It stands in the woods against the background of Mt. Hachiman, and its roof is totally covered with grass. This architect has so impressive design that makes me wonder I enter the world in some movies.◎It's a confectionery shop such as CLUB HARIE's Baumkuchen, Japanese sweets and also western style sweets. You can buy them to go, or use cafe. I rented bicycle from Omihachiman Station, and it took 20 or 30 min. There're bus service from Omihachiman Station!


A Magnificent Idea For Standing Close To Nature Of Omi Hachiman! A Confectionary Shop Of Woods & Greens

Mountains and woods, rich nature of Omi Hachiman surrounds this confectionary shop. There're main shop, market, bakery and places where the people can communicate each other with nature. You can enjoy freshly made sweets in nature.


Like A World Of Studio Ghibli! A Lovely Shop In The Time Gliding Calmly

This shop covered with moss like a world appears in movies of Studio Ghibli, is a flagship of a long-established Japanese confectionery shop TANEYA. They prepare ice cream with rich taste of milk, and fleshly baked Baumkuchen, and other various kinds of sweets. You can enjoy these confectionery while you feel relaxing nature.◎40 min by car from Youkaichi IC of Meishin Speedway. It opens from 9:00. Some good-seller sweets are possible to be sold out.


Tore Tore Ichiba Market


Fresh Seafood For Inexpensive Prices

It's not only the appealing look, their proud udon noodle uses the highest ranked flour. It's a rare restaurant serving mainly Kama-age udon in Kagawa.


Ame no Tawaraya


Traditional Taste Of Kanazawa! A Candy Made From Only Rice & Barley Conceived As A Substitute For Mother's Milk

In Kanazawa, a town with over 180 years history, Tawara-ya is the oldest candy shop. They spend time and effort to make candies according to the method handed down to the family. Such a candy is not only a sweet but a superb nourishing food. It's good for men and women of all ages.


The Oldest Candy Store In Kanazawa

Tawara-ya is a candy store standing quietly a little far away from crowded Higashi Chayagai. I was fascinated with the beautiful building of course, and the gentle sweetness of their Jiro Ame Candy.


Not Only Coffee! Shaved Ice Made By A Machine Of 'Hinode' Nara's Only One Ice Maker

Shaved ice is popular as well as coffee! It's utterly reliable because they use ice and machine of 'Hinode Ice Maker'. Shaved thinly, the ice is fluffy and melt softly in my mouth. It's so delicious that I can even wait in a line,◎They take 72 hours to make Hinode's ice. For that, the ice has high purity and become soft in your mouth, This is the secret of the popularity and became a instigator of shaved ice boom!


Goldfish Town! A Novel 'Goldfish Telephone Box' At A Coffee Stand

The biggest goldfish producing center, Yamato-koriyama. This 'Goldfish Telephone Box' is in front of a coffee stand renovated from a gas station. Its uniqueness excite the eyes of passers-by.


Daring Scene Of Goldfish Swimming In The Telephone Box

Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture is a capital of goldfish breeding. Then, K Coffee, a cafe renovated from a gas station, has a water tank made from a telephone box, and the goldfish are swimming inside it. What a daring scene!


Karuizawa Umbrella Sky

Karuizawa Harunire Terrace has an event called Karuizawa Umbrella Sky till the end of rainy season. There're blooming colorful umbrellas in the sky, Umbrella Garden with hydrangeas, and even the illuminated show at night. We can enjoy if it rains.


Relaxing Cafes & Shops At A Spacious & Green-Rich Area

With more than 100 trees of Japanese Elm, it's a 'small town' made up of nice modern buildings connected by a spacious wooden deck. We can enjoy beautiful nature whenever we visit.




The Chewy Dough And Bean Jam In Good Balanced Sweetness

For the bean jam, they use Tamba Dainagon (quality azuki bean). The maker Mangetsu makes only four kinds of Japanese sweets, and they have much particularity for each of them.


Takamatsu Central Shopping District


The Longest Arcade Mall Renewed as the Central Shopping Mall in Takamatsu

Historical Japanese sweets shops and fast fashion stores are well intermingled in the area. We can enjoy only walking in the atmosphere like Europe even if it rains.


Yoshino Vingar


Must Be Addicted Once You Taste. Kanzaki-ya's Secret Sauce

Can I tell the texture like jelly by a picture? The sauce made from vegetables, spices and own vinegar. By the way, you can't use anything else once you taste this sauce.


200 Years Of History. Vinegar Doesn't Loose Its Flavor While The Time Passes

Since they started in 1789, a high quality rice vinegar made by traditional methods and picked ingredients. It's good for sunomono (food prepared with sugar and vinegar) and sushi. I feel their particularity on the retro designs of bottle and label.