Sun Olive Restaurant

Sun Olive Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, attractions and photos of Sun Olive Restaurant posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Sun Olive Restaurant 2 Reviews

The local specialty 'Hishio-don' with Shodoshima's fish, vegetables and hishio (ingredient for miso and soy sauce). This restaurant offers it with chicken and egg! Including tasty rice grown in Shodoshima, all the foodstuffs are excellent.◎Price: 950 yen

Fried minced beef and croquette made of Olive Beef (Kagawa Prefecture's specialty beef) are so juicy that I can't stop my chopsticks. Rice and Tsukudani (food boiled down in soy sauce), both are made in Shodoshima, are the highlight of the local food. The seascape is also satisfying.◎Six kinds of Tsukudani on one dish to compare the tastes. Price: 900yen