Olive Palace RestleA

Olive Palace RestleA is one of the best restaurants in Shodoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, opening hours, attractions and photos of Olive Palace RestleA posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

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It's a restaurant in Shodoshima Olive Garden. Shodoshima Island is a birthplace of Japan's olive cultivation. This somen is kneaded with olive and becomes more delicious by sauce added olive oil. You can eat somen noodle a bit different from ordinary one.◎Located in Shodoshima Olive Garden, and a little upward from its parking lot. A restaurant with a fine view. 'Shodoshima Olive Somen' is 500 yen.

The local specialty 'Hishio-don' uses Shodoshima Island's fish, vegetables and Hishio (ingredient for soy sauce and miso). You can eat various Hishio-don at many restaurants in the island. Here, they prepare rare Western style one with fritter and vegetables on olive rice, which is only 10 set a day.◎Soy sauce and moromi made at 'Hishio no Sato' (area of stores and factories of hishio) are used for the seasonings of Hishio-don.

On a hill of Olive Garden, restaurant 'RestleA' offers specialties of Shodoshima Island such as 'Olive Somen Noodle' and 'Hishio-don' with stunning seascape. It's a nice restaurant which has both of best scenery and food.◎Located in Shodoshima Olive Garden, and a little upward from its parking lot. Inside the restaurant has renovated and very beautiful.