Akiyoshi Limestone Cave

Akiyoshi Limestone Cave is one of the best places to travel in Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Akiyoshi Limestone Cave posted by Japanese travelers in the know.

Akiyoshi Limestone Cave 3 Reviews

As soon as you enter here, you must be surprised at this large-scale limestone cave. As you see in the third picture, it's very huge like a hall! Some of the highlights, Hyakumaizara (Hundreds Of Plate in first pic), and Ougon-chu (Golden Pillar in second pic) are also very huge. Please enjoy the large-scale limestone cave here!◎Parking area is available. You can take bus from Shin Yamaguchi Station. By the way, if you haven't been to limestone cave, please visit some other ones, too. You can enjoy small limestone cave like an adventure, and will be surprised again at the large-scale of Akiyoshi Cave.

Akiyoshi-do is a limestone cave located on the foot of Akiyoshi-dai, a karst plateau. It's one of the three biggest limestone caves in Japan, and has an extensive space inside it. It's very popular as a tourist destination.

I went there in midwinter though, the inside of the cave was so warm that I walked without jacket. The cave was very spacious and I could enjoy looking around enough.