Most Instagenic Spots In Kagoshima Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic spots in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy destinations you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Yakushima' famous as Mononoke Forest or Jomon Sugi, and 'Misaki Shrine' with tropical mood rare for a shrine. Then, we selected best instagenic spots from 'special places to travel in Kagoshima' that were posted in City's Pride by Japanese travelers and the locals in the know.

15 Most Instagenic Spots In Kagoshima Prefecture

1Yakushima Island

A Tree Stump Looks Heart Shape You See From The Inside

It's a Yaku-sugi cedar named Wilson stump. I could enter the inside and it looks heart shape seen up the sky from a certain angle.

2Gaja Island

An Impressive God's Rock 'Kobatachigami' As High As A 30 Storied Building

Kobatachigami is a symbol of Gajo Island called God's rock as high as more than 100 meters. Around the rock is a popular spot for fishing and diving.

3Kakeroma Island

Only Your Footprints On the Beach! An Uninhabited Beach You Can Land Only By A Kayak

Kakeroma Island has a complicated topography and there are uninhabited white sand beaches studded. By a kayak to the beach you can't go by land. On the morning of that day, the wave is so calm that I enjoyed the clear water surface riding on a kayak I borrowed from a hotel.

4Misaki Shrine

Tropical Mood! A Shrine Located On The Southernmost Point In Japan

Misaki Shrine, located on Sata-misaki Point in Kagoshima, is surrounded by the tropical plants such as banyan and palm trees. A little strange scenery that a shrine stands in a tropical mood, but you can feel the unique holy air here.

5Kirishima Shrine

One Of The Seven Wonders Of Kirishima. A Mysterious River Springs Out Only In The Season Of Fresh Green

Mitarashi (worshippers wash their hands in) River dry up between November and April, but mysteriously, clear water and fish spring out and make a limpid stream in May.

6Yuriga-hama Beach In Yoron Island

Completely Transparent Sea & White Beach Appears Only A Few Hours

In Kagoshima, I find much more beautiful scenery than those of southern resort in other countries.

7Sakihara Beach

Ever Changing Gradation Of Blue. Early Summer White Beach In Amami

A quiet beach at the cape of northern Amami. For not easy way to go, there's a few people there and it's like a private beach. I can't get tired of seeing the beautiful emerald green gradation all day long.

8Tenmonkan Mujyaki Main-Store

The Original Maker Of Shirokuma Shaved Ice♪ Cold Sweets Like Jewels

Kagoshima's specialty Shirokuma (means white bear) is shaved fluffy ice with homemade condense milk and colorful fruits like jewels. It's gorgeous but a familiar taste somehow, a comfort food of people in Kagoshima.


Picturesque Landscape Of A Huge Banyan Tree And Beautiful Blue Sea

400 years old big banyan tree and beautiful sea you can see from the dining of this B&B. Firstly, a slow time for breakfast with feeling of the sea breeze would be blissful for anyone.

10Ryugu Shrine

The Ocean Behind A Torii Gate Standing At The Legendary Place Of Ryugu

At Satsuma Peninsula of Kagoshima, Urashima Taro has said to leave this place called Nagasakibana to Ryugu Castle, and Ryugu Shrine stands here. You can see the refreshing scenery of the ocean and Mt.Kaimon-bake over the torii gate.

11Nishioyama Station

Mails From The Southernmost Place In Japan! A Yellow Mailbox Delivering Happiness

Nishioyama Station is the southernmost station of JR. It has a nice view of Kaimon-dake mountain, and also a yellow mailbox that delivers you happiness. How about sending your special feelings from the southernmost station?


The Oscen Spreads Befre Your Eyes. Experience Of Living In A Southern Isolated Island

Going to farther south from Amami Oshima. It's a small guest house in Kakeroma Island. Only 10 seconds to the sea. Although you have to prepare the breakfast by yourselves and move the table, then you can enjoy breakfast with your legs soaked in the water!

13Takateru Point

The Best Sunset In The Island! A Most Scenic Swing Hung From A Tree On A Cliff

The west side of Kakeroma Island, you can find the best sunset observation point after following a winding path up the mountain. The view from a swing hung from a tree on a precipitous cliff, is surely a breathtaking view of even islands in the distance.

14Kirihara Waterfall

A Grand Waterfall With Many Water Lines

A large quantity of water fall down from many lines. And Soo city's proud of this scenery.

15Tomori Coast

Seaside Path Like A Paradise Of Flowers And Butterflies

The north part of Amami Oshima Island, in a path along the Tomori seashore, many tropical flowers bloom and ceylon blue glassy tiger butterflies flutter around the flowers. The scenery is like a paradise. It'll be wonderful to walk in the morning.

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