Most Instagenic Spots In Kumamoto Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic spots in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy destinations you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as 'Nabegataki Falls' you can see its back, and 'Daikambo' commanding a whole view of Aso mountains. Then, we selected best instagenic spots from 'special places to travel in Kumamoto' that were posted in City's Pride by Japanese travelers and the locals in the know.

7 Most Instagenic Spots In Kumamoto Prefecture

1Nabegataki Fall

Fantastic Waterfall Lighting Show In Many Colors

Nabegataki Fall have lighting show in every spring. Though the waterfall is so beautiful that it's called as 'curtain of water', when it's illuminated, you can possible to take pictures of more fantastic one.

2Ishiyama Rikyu Gosoku-no-kutsu

The Amakusa Cuisine! Gorgeous Three Meals Of Amakusa's Special Foodstuffs & The Local Taste

Breakfast at a scenic terrace, an optional obento (lunch in a box) to bring together for a history exploration drive, and dinner at an elaborate private room. All of the three meals use the locally grown foodstuffs such as the seafood in sea of Amakusa, chicken named 'Amakusa Daio' and also the pork. These menus have a kind of stories and entertain both our eyes and mouths!

3Kamishikimi-kumano-imasu Shrine

A Spiritual Spot In South Aso! A Moss-covered Approach With Many Solemn Lanterns

Here's a spiritual power spot that is said to have divine grace for matrimony. Lanterns standing in a line and staircases are overgrown with moss to envelop the approach in solemn atmosphere.

4Isshingyo Great Cherry Blossom

Canola Flowers & Cherry Blossoms Painting Spring Aso Beautifully

Located at South Aso, Isshingyo Great Cherry Blossom is a famous place where many people visit in spring. To the scenery of an isolated cherry blossom tree, which is over 400 years old, and the canola flowers at the foot of it, I can say nothing but wonderful.


Fine View! You Can See The Five Mountains Of Aso

From Mt.Daikanbo, you can command a view of Aso mountains. Many people come to enjoy the fine view from here.

6Tsuetate Onsen Carp Streamer Festival

So Many Carp Streamers Swimming In The Sky At Tsuetate Onsen Town

Carp Streamer Festival (Koi-nobori Matsuri) in Tsuetate Onsen town has a long history more than 30 years. About 3500 carp streamers decorated as long as 2 kilometers are swimming impressively in the stream of the sky! You can enjoy taking hot spring, eating a specialty Tsuetate Pudding, and seeing the streamers together!

7Shirakawa Springs

Surprising Clearness! The Beautiful Water Spring Out 60t Every Minute

Shirakawa headspring is especially beautiful and much water springs out. You can not only enjoy the mysterious scenery, but also you can take the water in your bottle.

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