Most Instagenic Spots In Saga Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic spots in Saga Prefecture, Japan. There're many instagram worthy destinations you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as a very impressive beauty of nature 'Nanatsugama Caves' and a spiritual power spot 'Takeo Shrine' with a huge sacred tree. Then, we selected best instagenic spots from 'special places to travel in Saga' that were posted in City's Pride by Japanese travelers and the locals in the know.

4 Most Instagenic Spots In Saga Prefecture

1Takeo Shrine

You Must Gat A Power! A Huge Scared Tree

Takeo Shrine in Takeo-shi, Saga. Its sacred tree is a huge camphor tree. In the afternoon, the sun shines from the back of it, and the shining tree looks divine, that I can't say nothing except for 'divine'.

2Nanatsugama Caves

Lots Of Strangely Shaped Rocks Symbolize Wild Nature

In Saga, Nanatsu-gama has lots of strange shaped basalt called columnar jointing. And there're seven sea caves literally as its name Nanatsu-gama (seven pots), you can see the great nature art that makes us feel something sacred.

3Yoshinogari Historical Park

Time Travel To Yayoi Era! Ancient Ruins With Full Of Historical Romance

At as large as 96.9ha site, you can experience the life in Yayoi era (4th century BC-3th century). The buildings and a sanctuary that royal families and people had lived are reconstructed. And the important cultural properties like you see on the schoolbooks are excavated one after another.


Clear Squid of Yobiko

You can eat the whole fresh squid sumptuously! The clear and beautiful squid tastes especially good.

Most Instagenic Spots In Kyushu Region

Other photogenic spots that will be nice for your Instagram in Kyushu Region the same as Saga Prefecture, are in the following.

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