Best Stunning Views In Kunigami-gun

Here're best Stunning Views in Kunigami-gun, Okinawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Stunning Views posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kunigami-gun.

Best Stunning Views In Kunigami-gun [1-9]


Higashison Forest Azalea Garden


Anticipate Spring! 'Higasi-son Village's Azalea Festival' Coloring The North Of Okinawa Main Island

You can enjoy fifty thousand azalea trees! From the observatory on the hill, you can see colorful azalea field, and it looks like a flower carpet when it becomes full bloom. Azalea fastival is held from March 4 to 21.




Mysterious Banyan Trees

Daiseki Rinzan has four trekking courses as a tourist spot. Every course is mysterious and it gives up power, we, rather, never get tired. It's famous as a location for move or music video.◎Adult (over 15): 1200 yen. Child (4-14): 550 yen. Over 65 years old: 900 yen.


On'nason Seaside Park


A Pair Of Rocks In The Offing! Very Clear & Scenic Beach

On'na-son Seaside Park has an easy access because it's located at the center of a main island of Okinawa. You can see a sacred pair of rocks in the offing as well as enjoy swimming in the sea. It has two attractions in one place.


Sadabama (Akabaka) Beach


Surprisingly Transparent! The Natural Beach With Some History

Sadabama (Akabaka) Beach has a historical site called Sadabama that has a connections with younger brother of the first king of Ryukyu Kingdom. You can see the whole beach from the rock. It had been a little known beach, but became famous as a music video location place for TWICE.


Unten Morizonochi Area


Whole View Of Kouri Bridge! A Secret Base Not In Map Nor Guide Book

Unten Morizonochi is my secret place I visit every time when I travel in Okinawa. It's not be found in map, so I rarely meet someone else. These days, it's adopted as a driving course of 'Churamai Ha:mo (small electric car)', so I think it's getting more and more famous.


On'na-son Culture & Information Center


The Ocean View Library You Can Know Much About On'na-son Village

On'na-son Culture & Information Center is available for anyone. Specially, I like its library. There're some desks facing the sea, so you can get information for traveling in Okinawa while feeling the sea in front of you.


Gorilla Chop


Beautiful Contrast Of Ocean & Rocks Looks Like A Gorilla Giving A Chop

Gorilla Chop is a good place for snorkel with many corals and fishes. You must be fascinated with the beautiful ocean. What's more, there're parking area and shower room, so we can play without worrying about them.


Anchi-Blue Spreading Under The Bridge, The Sea Extremely Clear

Sesoko-jima is an island connected with Okinawa main island by bridge, where you can access easily. The emerald green ocean here is extremely clear! When you take pictures from the bridge, the shining ocean and the sand beach seen through spread in front of your eyes.


Iejima Tacchu Mountain


Iejima Tacchu Mountain As A Symbol Of The Island

The altitude of Iejima Tacchu Mountain is 172.2 meters. You can arrive its summit soon, but the slope was more steep than I expected. But, the scenery is amazing and makes me forget the tiredness! After climbing the mountain, let's take a rest with a specialty IE SODA!