Best Stunning Views In Okinawa

Here're best Stunning Views in Okinawa. We released a ranking of reviews about Stunning Views posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Okinawa.

Best Stunning Views In Okinawa [1-10]


Yonaha-maehama Beach, The Best Beach In The East

The most beautiful beach in the East under the huge sky without any obstructions. The nice view of the bridge connecting Kurima-jima Island is also attractive. As the sun shines strongly, the beautiful color of the water appears. But in the off-season, you can enjoy beach combing.


Best Beach In The Orient! So Beautiful Sea And White Sand Beach

Yonaha Maehama Beach is admired as the best one in the Orient for the impressively beautiful sea and white sands. You can stay leisurely under the beach parasol, swimming in the sea, and also personal water craft! What's more, driving on Kurima Ohashi Bridge with the ocean view!◎Car rental is better. Or, take bus from Hirara to Uechiminami bus stop, then 15 min walk.


In Miyako Island, The Most Beautiful 7 Kilometers Beach In The Orient

Of course in the best season, you can see such ocean with beautiful gradations in good conditions even in off-season. It'll show you different appearance every time, by the tide, and the sunlight.


A Beach Where We Must Be Fascinated With The Blue Ocean & Sky

We can enjoy the very transparent ocean from the observatory and also at the beach. My favorite photo spot is located a few minutes walk toward the sideward of the beach, the ocean over the rock.


The World Of Coral And Tropical Fish! Three Michelin-Starred Sea On A Glass boat

Kabira Bay has an exceptional beauty and won three Michelin-star. Looking through a glass boat, there spreading the coral sea of tropical fish.


Beautiful Kabira Bay Changes The Color Every Moment

Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island shows us various color of the sea changes by the tide and weather. Emerald green sometimes, and gradation of pale and gentle blue sometimes, it has different scenery every time I visit. I really want you all to see it!


West Pier (Nishi Sambashi)


The Setting Sun Seen From West Pier In Taketomi Island

The nearest island from Ishigaki is Taketomi. Located in the west side of the island, West Pier (Nishi Sambashi) is a popular spot to see the beautiful sunset! Only people who stay in the island can see this ever-changing scenery.◎To go to Taketomi Island to Ishigaki Port (Terminal for isolated islands), use An'ei Kanko's reguler express ferry /10~15min /round-trip 1150yen


Best Place To See The Sunset In Taketomi Island

It's gorgeous scene that only people stay in Taketomi Island can see. The sunset in the quietness is an exceptional. We can have a blissful time here.


So Beautiful Ocean In The Northernmost Of Ishigaki Island

Hirakubozaki is a northernmost point of Ishigaki Island, and a lighthouse stands at the tip. The ocean over the point is indescribably beautiful, and the emerald green spreading to far away is worth seeing once in your life.


At the Northernmost of Ishigaki Island, a Superb View of the Ocean in 2 colors and White Lighthouse Standing Still

Located in the northernmost in Ishigaki, Cape Hirakubo-zaki has an attractive viewing of a white lighthouse looked beautifully in the sea of coral. After it rains, you can sometimes see the rainbow.


The Northernmost Place Of Yaeyama Islands

Hirakubosaki Lighthouse! It's 40 min by car from Shin Ishigaki Airport! It's must-visit place in Ishigaki Island. I like this beautiful emerald green ocean under the cliff.


Like A Road To Heaven. A Beautiful Pier Of Coral Blue

The northern end of an airport for training in Shimoji Island. The beautiful view from here takes our breath away. Once here was famous for the plane touch-and-go, but without that, this wonderful view is worth visiting.


A Huge Panorama Of The Beautiful Ocean Admired As 'Angel Tears' And 'Heaven'

17 END changing its appearance of the ocean by time and conditions. The tide level of 30 centimeters is the most beautiful condition that is admired as 'heaven'. Also, the sunset scene is very beautiful. What's more, you can see the touch & go if you meet the timing.


The Best Beach In The Orient! This Is The Miyako Blue!

The beautiful blue ocean that we can't find the boundary between the sky. It's so beautiful that I never get tired of looking it for even many hours. You can find a rare beach that appears only when the tide is low. I could feel refreshed with this scenery.


800 Meters Beach Of Smooth Sands And The Blue Ocean View Spreading Behind It

The beach starts as soon as you leave the parking area. And going toward the depth, there's a place like a private beach. You can have this blue all to yourself as much as you want. You should try to go in the depth by any means.◎null


You Can Enjoy Marine Activity With Your Hands Empty! Best White Sandy Beach In Irabu Island

Extending east and west to 800m, Toguchi-no Hama Beach has 'Ito Kanko (Tourist) Service' to enjoy the sea of Irabu. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling and swimming in the sea as you like. You can also enjoy beach combing in off-season.


Very Clear Sea Water & Beautiful White Sand Beach

Stand on the beach of fluffy and powdered-sands. When you feel the breeze and sounds of southern island, the travel for only you stay away form the daily life, will start. Why don't you have a good time to gaze the beautiful sea all day long?


Katsuren Castle


Breathtaking Panoramic View From The World Heritage

Even its decent figure standing on the mountain top is nice, the superb view from the 100meters high fascinates the traveler's hearts more than anything. In the castle site, you can enjoy virtual trip going back 600 years.


Beautiful Curved Stone Walls Particular In Okinawa

Katsuren Castle is a world heritage in Uruma, Okinawa Prefecture. You can find it just before Kaichu Road. The beautiful curved stone walls are particular in Okinawa. There're many color-cones at the site upward to regulate tourists increased lately.


Panoramic Landscape Of Ishigaki Island From Mount Nosoko Observatory

The landscape seen from the Mount Nosoko (Nosoko Maapee) is extremely beautiful in Ishigaki Island. What is more, you can access by car to the halfway, then walk up only 20min to the top. Such easy mountain climb is one of the attraction of this spot.◎You need 40min for the mountain climb, but 20min from a parking area in Nosoko Forest Road.


Stunning View After A Little Mountain Climb

30 min from Shin Ishigaki Airport, there's a trail between the mountains, and 15 or 20 min climb to the top! The trail was narrower than I expected, but I had a great sense of achievement when I arrived the top!


Tamatorizaki Observatory


With Beautiful Red Tiles In The Blue! An Observatory Commanding The Northeast Ocean Of Ishigaki Island

Tamatorizaki Observatory is located in the northeast shore of Ishigaki Island, and has red tiles for its roof with full of Okinawa mood. You can see many hibiscus around the observatory, Hirakubo Peninsula in the north, and the whole view of the ocean in the east.


Like A Picture Postcard! Blue Gradation Scene Weaved From The Sky & Ocean

The scenery seen from the lush plants of southern countries is like an art the nature has created. White waves between the shallow beach and the deep sea. Gently curved horizontal line makes us realize the sphere of the earth.


Talking Of Yonaguni Island! Very Clear Deep Blue Ocean

In Yonaguni Island enclosed with the sea of bluff, there're many spots you can have all to yourself to be part of the nature. The sea breeze skimming along the fields, and the time passing through your five senses. Why don't you enjoy luxury island's time with the wave sounds and sea breezes?


Undeveloped Nature Of The Westernmost Island In Japan! The Green Earth And The Blue Sea

In Okinawa, Yonaguni Island is located in the westernmost in Japan. Its nature keeps as it is beautifully even now.