Best Tourist Spots In Matsue-shi

Here're best Tourist Spots in Matsue-shi, Shimane. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Matsue-shi.

Best Tourist Spots In Matsue-shi [1-9]

1Tamatsukuriyu Shrine

A round stone is a natural stone and called 'wish stone' that is said to grant wishes if you tach. You can get a beautiful 'fulfillment stone' at the shrine.

2Karakoro Kobo

At a garden terrace of Karakoro Kobo, Enishizuku Umbrella Sky is a display for tourism promotion by Matsue Tourism Association. There're many colorful umbrellas hung from the ceiling 4 meters high in the rainy season. ◎Enishizuku Umbrella Sky is displayed from June 1st to July 31st, 9:30-18:30. The sunlight comes down through the umbrellas and makes the ground colorful!

3Yuushien Garden

Please enjoy the beautiful large-flowered tree peonies controlled perfectly the climate, humidity and sunshine.

4Mihonoseki Lighthouse

At the easternmost of Shimane Peninsula. If the weather is good, here gives a superb view of the Japan Sea.

5Shimane Art Museum

Shimane Art Museum stands by Shinji-ko Lake which is famous for its beautiful scenery of the setting sun. See the wonderful reflection on the building.

6Jyozaninari Shrine

Which fox do you think Koizumi Yakumo, a novelist, likes?

7Matsue English Garden

A beautiful English garden that made as a first one in Japan. Against the background of Ashinoko Lake, you can enjoy walking around in the garden with the seasonal flowers for free.◎To access here, take Ichibata Train to English Garden. No admission fees.


Kōunkaku is an European style house built in Meiji Period in the site of Matsue Castle's Ninomaru. We feel like time-traveling in its inside. It was used as a guesthouse, and has elegant, gorgeous, and delicate architecture. The red carpet catches our eyes, and pale green color gives us gentle and nice impression.

9Matsue Vogel Park

Matsue Vogel Park in Matsue, Shimane. We can see many flowers, tropical birds and penguins. And my favorite is just-opened owl house. We can look lovely owls very close. What's more, bird shows of penguin-walking and hawk are also exciting!