Best Ramen Noodle Restaurants In Kasaoka-shi

Here're best Ramen Noodle Restaurants in Kasaoka-shi, Okayama. We released a ranking of reviews about Ramen Noodle Restaurants posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kasaoka-shi.

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Chuka-soba SAKAMOTO


The Local Noodle 'Kasaoka Ramen' Is Worth Going Out Of The Way To Taste

There were many chicken yards in this area, so Kasaoka Ramen noodle has chicken soup and roast chicken in it. The soy sauce-chicken broth soup is surprisingly excellent with the seasoned roast meat and its noodle. I found a satisfying reason for visiting Kasaoka.◎Kasaoka City of Okayama Prefecture is famous for its ramen. Sakamoto is the oldest shop of Kasaoka Ramen. 'Chuka Soba' 600yen