Best Spring Destinations In Iwate

Here're best Spring Destinations in Iwate. We released a ranking of reviews about Spring Destinations posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Iwate.

Best Spring Destinations In Iwate [1-3]


Kitakami Tenshochi Park


The Three Greatest Cherry Blossom Spots In Michinoku Area! A Tunnel Of Over 90 Years Old Cherry Blossom Trees

Kitakami Tenshochi Park is famous as one of the three greatest cherry blossom spots in Michinoku area. All of the cherry blossom trees have fine thick trunks! From the carriage, outside the tunnel, top of the hill, on the boat, and various places you can enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms.◎You can walk from Kitakami Station, and use shuttle bus or boat, so it has an easy access without cars. Though there're parking area, it's heavily backed up.


Koiwai Farm


Canola Flower Field Extending On The Straight As Far As I Can See

Located 20 min walk from Koiwai Farm Park, there're fields of grass and canola flowers extending on the straight from Koiwai Farm Acres. You can see the great contrast of the blue sky, canola flowers and Mt. Iwate!◎20 min walk from Koiwai Farm Park to the canola flower field, but you can access by car easily!


Cherry Blossom Tree Of Uwabo-bokuya


A Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree Standing Dignifiedly Against The Background Of Grand Mt. Iwate

A cherry blossom tree standing dignifiedly alone in majestic nature. This tree moved me the most among the cherry blossom trees I've ever seen. The snow on Mt. Iwate looks like a fish face to the top, it's called 'Carp Streamer (Koi-nobori). ◎Though the HP says the best season is the mid May, I took this pic on May 5th in 2018 when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. For they becomes out of bloom quickly after their best, I recommend you to go as early as you can.