Best Spots With Beautiful Flowers In Hokkaido

Here're best Spots With Beautiful Flowers in Hokkaido. We released a ranking of reviews about Spots With Beautiful Flowers posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Hokkaido.

Best Spots With Beautiful Flowers In Hokkaido [1-5]


Takino Suzuran Hillside Park


Various Flowers In Each Season

You can see cosmos at the middle of September, and tulips in the late May at a main area. And many other flowers all around a year. This park has a room for eating food, so people can enjoy all day long.


Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park


As Many As 10 Million Flowers! The largest Cosmos Field In Japan

Taiyo-no Oka Engaru Park has the largest cosmos flower field in Japan! As many as 10 million cosmos in pink and yellow are proudly blooming in the huge field. Though it rained so much when I visited here, the wet cosmos sparkled in the sunlight much more.◎Parking area is available. It's a little far from Engaru Station, but you can walk to the park from the station.


One Of The Three Best Pink Moss Spots In Okhotsk Region

Pink moss and tulips on the top of the hill. The scenery from there is so magnificent that only Hokkaido can offer! I could enjoy pink moss flowers leisurely.◎Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park (Hill Of The Sun Engaru Park), is also famous as a park of cosmos. To access here, the car is most convenient, but you can walk in 30 min from JR Engaru Station. There're some places to visit in Okhotsk Region in this season, it's nice for you, if you don't drive, to use bus tours and see some other places together.


Mishima Family's Pink Moss


Three Colors Collaboration Of Mt. Yotei, Canola Flowers & Pink Moss

The private garden is opened through the kind offices of Mishima Family. From the end of May to the early June is the best season to see, the colorful pink moss and yellow canola flowers bloom beautifully in the large garden. There're a few parking lots, please enjoy with good manner.


Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park


A Hill Slope Is Tinged With Pink! One Hundred Thousand Square Meters Pink Carpet

Higashimokoto Sibazakura Park has a large hill slope tinged with deep pink and light pink. Sibazakura (moss pink) Festival is hold till May 6. The scenery seen from the top observatory is splendid! You can see the great panoramic view of moss pink.◎Entrance fee: ¥500 Open: 8:00-17:00 During the festival, it'll be crowded on Sundays. Free shuttle bus from extra parking lots is available.


Hokuryu Himawari-no Sato (Sunflower Field)


The Biggest Sunflower Field In Japan

We can see the shining yellow sunflowers spreading to the whole field in summer. To rent a bicycle and run around the field make you feel refreshed and it would be a great memory of summer.