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Here're best Tourist Spots in Osaka Station・Umeda Station. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travel influencers who have actually been to Osaka Station・Umeda Station.


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The Christmas event, which is being held until December 25th, features a giant snow globe this year. At the end of the white forest in the sky is a snow globe decorated in white. Inside the dome, there are white flowers and white sofas, and the snow-like illuminations are falling, making it look wonderful. Be sure to step inside the snow globe and take some wonderful photos.


Umeda Sky Building


1-1-88 Oyodonaka Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, OsakaGoogle Map






Adult 1000 yen、Child 200 yen

How to get there

7 min walk from the Central-North Gate of Osaka Station.


Toll parking area is available

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THE WESTIN Osaka Lobby Lounge

40 Reviews

How many strawberries are on board? What's more, Amaou, the decorations like flowers one by one are wonderful, and they are so gorgeous. The heart-shaped strawberry is trapped in the glass, and the custard cream I love and the mariage of homemade vanilla ice cream are the best. The apple vanilla liver tea on the way is also excellent. I want to eat again.

Lounge 3-60

17 Reviews

The afternoon tea of Intercontinental Osaka 6-30 has changed from clear box to a box like trunk. Strawberry and Matcha Afternoon Tea is offered in April. And the iced strawberry milk tea is added for 500 yen.

Hotel Granvia Osaka Lounge River Head

10 Reviews

Spatial beauty, delicacy, taste, everything is wonderful! ️ A luxurious parfait where you can enjoy Western chestnuts and Japanese chestnuts at the same time. Not only that, but the chocolate marron mousse that looks like chestnuts, pound cake, and chocolate that looks like a necklace can only be said to be amazing. It is a parfait that you should thoroughly taste and eat one by one. Please also watch the video pasted on the link.


Harmonie Embrassee Osaka

5 Reviews

The jacuzzi on the top floor of the suite room overlooks the scenery of Osaka and is full of luxury. When you wake up from a happy dream on a king-sized bed in a wonderful white room, you can enjoy the finest breakfast, which is said to be a miracle breakfast.


2 Reviews

Located in Umeda, a central part of Osaka, and from this high-rise hotel, you can have the fascinating night view of Osaka. Have a good time at the posh room!

Hotel New Hankyu Osaka

2 Reviews

A hotel has a direct connection with Umeda station and easy access to anywhere.