Best Shops Of Delicious Parfait In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Shops Of Delicious Parfait in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Shops Of Delicious Parfait posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Shops Of Delicious Parfait In Kyoto-shi [1-10]




Blue Summer Berry Parfait, Only 25 Glasses A Day

A parfait with sweetened blueberry, pineapple and kiwi by mint syrup, mousse made from blueberry and two kinds of cheese, and berry jam, lemon mint jelly on the others. In addition, the berry sauce comes separately with it.


Photogenic parfait

KISSHOKARYO is a kinako (soy bean flour) specialy shop. There're always a line of people to wait. At the first floor, they sell confectionery and home made cakes, and the second floor is a tea room. This photogenic parfait is a best-seller.


'Holly Night's Noel Pistachio Parfait' Only For Christmas Season

The appearance of course, the taste is also special. The topped meringue tastes strawberry and pistachio! Then under the meringue, there're many fresh cream which is not so sweet, and many strawberries.◎About 1500 yen. If you add more 400 yen, you can eat their specialty, half-sized Warabi Mochi together.


Secondhand Book & Café KOTOBA-no HAOTO


Lovely Cat-Parfait

Best-seller Cat-Parfait that naturally makes us smile♡ Cute eyes, flower comb and even paw pads! The cat looks lovely from every angles. Their strawberry milk with marshmallow rabbit is also pretty and delicious♡♡


Cute Japanese Style Parfait You Can Eat In Kyoto

At this café, 'Nyanko (Kitty) Parfait' is famous, but I like this Maccha (Green Tea) Parfait. Rich maccha ice cream and azuki beans, you can enjoy much of Japanese taste. Then you find cute shiratama (sweet rice ball) hiding in it.◎Although it's a book café, they have cut's goods and diorama, and you can enjoy it lazily. They open here till the middle of July 2017, and will move to other place in August 2017.


Best-seller Menu 'Nyanko Parfait'

Just started also this year, 'Nyanko Parfait Being In Love' has a good design for Valentine's Day and White Day. A sitting cat with flowers and heart-shaped ornaments is lovely so much! It'll be on sale till the end of March.




Very Voluminous Parfait With Strawberry From Top To Bottom

FUKUNAGA901 is proud of its parfait with full of seasonal fruit. Specially, Ichigo Yama Parfait (Strawberry Mountain Parfait) with its lovely appearance is one of the best-seller one!!


A Lovely Parfait With Many Shine Muscat In Best Season

Muscat mountain! In its inside, custard cream, yoghurt ice cream, soft sponge cake, vanilla espuma, yuzu citron jelly, soft sponge cake again, and custard cream!




Beautiful Parfaits

Kyoka Matcha Parfait (available only at Shijo store), and Kogashi Kinako (roasted soy bean flour) Parfait. They're gorgeous parfaits with the beautiful appearance of layer and various texture. You can have Kinako on the table as many as you want, so you can enjoy them to the last spoon.◎The second store of Kissho Saryo was opened on 12/19.


Home-Roasted Soybean Flour Parfait & Matcha Parfait

I went to a reception of KISSHOKARYO Kyoto Shijo just opened on December 19th. We can have Kinako (soybean flour) Parfait, and Matcha Parfait which is sold at only Shijo store. Anything else, their Kinako Latte and soft cream are also delicious.


Parfait Of The Season's Special Fruits

We can eat parfaits of the season's best fruit. Their delicious strawberry parfait has a good balance of strawberry sourness and fresh cream sweetness, and we never get tired of eating to the last spoon. Their vegetable lunch cooked by a vegetable sommelier and is also best-seeler.


Season's Limited Parfait

Itōken is a long established Japanese confectionery shop with a history as long as 150 years in Kyoto. We can enjoy cafe, lunch, activities, not only the Japanese sweets. The seasonal parfait and shaved ice with fruit are must-eat.




Parfait With Lots Of Fruit Offered By Fruit Shop

A gorgeous parfait with lots of Shine Muscat best in this season! It's offered by a fruit shop, so you can eat very delicious fruit.




Season's Specialty Parfait

Offered from September, the cheese-cake parfait of fig and grape contains red wine jelly, and tastes for grown-ups. Please enjoy plenty of seasonal fruits that you can taste only in this season while looking at Kyoto Tower.


Autumn's Special! Cheese Cake Parfait With Fig & Grape

A parfait associated with autumn. It has dried fig and jelly of red wine, an acquired taste.


Photogenic Strawberry Sweets

Spilling Strawberry Parfait uses as many as one pack of strawberry. I'm happy to eat so many strawberries♡ It's prepared only ten glasses a day, so if you want to it, please visit just after the cafe opens!


So Many Strawberries Spilling Out

'Spilling Strawberry Parfait' for only 10 glasses a day! But all people who wait before the cafe opens, can eat it! There was almost 20, on this day. This parfait uses as many as one pack of strawberry. I love it!


Mugesanbou Salon de Muge


Delicious Maccha Parfait & Seasonal Parfait

Mugesanbou Salon de Muge has a air of quietness. The maccha parfait tastes very thick, and the seasonal parfait has many kinds of fruit to be able to enjoy autumn's harvest.◎Only parfait 1300 yen, with drink 2000 yen. Cafe's opening hours: 14:45-18:00 (L.O 17:00)


Specially Made Sweets & Foods

Amaō Parfait, on sale from February, is sold from 2:00 in the afternoon and while the stocks last. As the cafe's name 'BY TWOTONE', we can enjoy two rooms with different atmosphere at this fashionable cafe.