Best Autumn Color Spots In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Autumn Color Spots in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Autumn Color Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Autumn Color Spots In Kyoto-shi [1-10]


Kiyomizu-dera Temple


Kiyomizu Stage Harmonising With A Lighten Up Red Maple Leaves

A Japanese saying, leap down from a stage of Kiyomizu (means a leap in the dark to do something) was derived from here. You can see the fine view of the city.


Beautiful Reflections Of Autumn Leaves On Desk & Floor

Ruriko-in Temple is located at Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. It has 'Special Visiting' in the season of autumn colors. There're many thing s to see such as fall foliage and a tasteful Japanese garden.◎I took this pics in 2017. During the term of 'Special Visiting', it's get so crowded with tourists that please enjoy beautiful scenery with good manners.


Gradation Of Red, Yellow & Green A Little Before The Best Autumn Colors

Anyone can take pictures of beautiful reflections at Ruriko-in Temple. It gets very crowded on weekends, but it has worth visiting once in your life. The bus is available though, the train is better.


Enko-ji Temple


Beautiful Frame Garden Like An Autumn Colored Picture

Enko-ji Temple has become popular for its autumn colors. The beautiful green garden in summer becomes more beautiful with many colors in autumn. During the term of maple leaves falling, a red carpet will appear around the Jizo♡◎To take picture like a frame, you need to wait the timing people go away. But, the temple's attendant will tell you a good timing, so you can take picture like this!


Temple Of Autumn Leaves On The Green Moss & Beautiful Bamboo Grove

Enko-ji Temple is famous for the frame-garden (the garden looks like a picture thanks to the pillars and eaves ) of the main temple building. The wonderful autumn colors, green moss, and calm bamboo grove make us feel soothed. I felt happy with the smile of Ojizo statue and could have tranquil time here. ◎Shisen-do and Kompuku-ji Temple are able to access on foot from here. Both temples have beautiful autumn colors, so I recommend to visit together.


Eikando Zenrin-ji


The Whole Precinct Dyed In Red. Eikando, Famous For Its Autumn Colors

The Momiji maple tree dyed in red welcomes us at the entrance gate. There're 3000 maple trees, and the world commanding 360 degrees of autumn colors is so impressive. The reflections of maple leaves and Gokuraku Bridge on the pond is specially beautiful. When you visit here, you must see the light-up, too!


Jikishi-an Temple


Memory Notebook' Will Heal You. A Temple With Beautiful Bamboo Grove & Autumn Colors In North Saga

A calm atmosphere surrounded by bamboo grove and a little known spot for autumn foliage. You can write down your memories or feelings as you like on 'Omoide-gusa' notebook. There's a 'Omoide Kannon Bosatsu' Statue in the site, it's liked by people as a healing temple.


A Tunnel Of Lively Red Momiji Leaves

Rokuou-in Temple's stone paved approach is like an autumn colored red tunnel. We can walk along the approach slowly, and enjoy autumn of Kyoto. Going through the pass, there's a garden where the tranquil time glides by. Please try to look up sometimes.


Only A Few People Would Know! Autumn Foliage At A Large Garden Of Karesansui Style

This Karesansui garden is wonderful, and produces a beautiful contrast of autumn foliage and green moss. It wouldn't be so crowded like famous temples, you can enjoy seeing them without hustle. This frame was said to be written by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga, a founder of a scent and the third general of Muromachi shogunate.


Since The Autumn In 2016! Autumn Colored Tunnel Shining Brightly

Limited for only 100 people to enter, the night special visiting was held for the first time in 2016. A tunnel of fall foliage worth seeing even in the daytime becomes indescribably beautiful by the illuminations at night. I want this special visiting to be held in and after 2017.