Best Beautiful Townscape In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Beautiful Townscape in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Beautiful Townscape posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Beautiful Townscape In Kyoto-shi [1-9]


Yasaka Pagoda (Hokan-ji Temple)


This Is The Scenery Of Kyoto

This slope where we can see Yasaka Pagoda, is very famous spot in Kyoto. It has the various atmosphere in each time. Specially, after the evening glow. many tourists get together to take pictures.


Kiyomizu-dera Temple


A Blue Light Going Through The Sky

Kiyomizu Temple, an unmissable spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. During the special honor of visiting held three times in a year, the blue light goes through the sky in Kyoto. This light, they says, expresses the mercy of Kwannon.


Tenryu Temple


The Healing Road in Bamboo Forest

This road in bamboo forest from Tenryuji-tample is one of representative scenery in Arashiyama. It's the Healing Road.


Fushimi Jikkoku-bune Boat


Jikkoku-bune Boat Going Slowly Between The Full-bloom Cherry Blossoms & Willow Trees

From the end of May, the cruise of Jikkoku-bune Boat start at Fushimi in Kyoto. You can enjoy the seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms and willow trees, and the tasteful townscape of Fushimi.


Ishibe-kouji, A Stone Paved Road With Tasteful Hotels And Restaurants At Gion, Kyoto

In Kyoto, Gion, there's a stone paved road from a little south of Yasaka Shrine to the Nene Road in front of Kodai-ji shrine. You can see Japanese style hotels, Inaka-tei and Tamahan there.


The Tasteful Neighborhood With Much Of Kyoto Atmosphere

Sannen-zaka is located at a famous town, Higashiyama in Kyoto. It's very crowded with tourists in daytime, but they become fewer at night and you can enjoy seeing around the neighborhood all to yourselves. I took photos with Japanese umbrella.


A Stone Paved Slope 'Ninenzaka' With Many Tasteful Shops In Kyoto

There're tasteful houses standing along the slope, you can enjoy seeing the townscape of Kyoto just the same as you associate. Even Starbucks opens in Kyoto style. Now, this area is designated as Kyoto's important preservation district of historic buildings.


Shogunzuka City Observatory


Must Visit Place For Couples! An Observatory Commanding The Whole Night View Of Kyoto

As a famous dating-spot to see the night view of Kyoto, Shogun-zuka Mound City Observatory commands the whole view of the city including Kyoto Tower. What's more, you can experience the special visiting at nearby Seiryuden Temple in spring and autumn when you've time. ◎To access, about 1000 yen by taxi, or you can use cars or go on foot barely. This City Observatory is opened for 24 hours and free.