Best Japanese Restaurants (Washoku) In Kyoto-shi

Here're best Japanese Restaurants (Washoku) in Kyoto-shi, Kyoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Japanese Restaurants (Washoku) posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kyoto-shi.

Best Japanese Restaurants (Washoku) In Kyoto-shi [1-8]


Nishijin Toriiwaro


Oyako-don For Lunch Of A Long Established Restaurant Specializing In Eggs

They prepare only oyako-don for lunch time! Egg and chicken on a rice bowl with unbroken quail's egg.


Unagiya Hirokawa


A Japanese Eel Put on Soft Rice

This restaurant is located near Tenryuji Temple and you can enjoy meal in spacious room and calm atmosphere. A soft and savory smelled eel is cooked after taking your order, so it takes time to prepare but superb.


Jikasei-men Arashiyama-tei


Kyoto Yuba Udon Noodle At A Restaurant Near Togetsu-kyo Bridge

At the foot of Togetsu-kyo Bridge, the originally made udon noodle we eat in front of Arashiyama scenery is superb! Among the menu, 'Yuba Udon' with a big yuba (made from soybean milk) I recommend! Feel Kyoto into this Kyoto style udon noodle with tasty soup, thin and soft noodle.


Sushi Of Kyoto Dishes! Cute 'Teori Zushi'

Teori Zushi' has dishes of Kyoto foodstuffs and tempura, and it's so beautiful, cute, fashionable that I feel pity for eating. In a comfortable restaurant, it would be unique and interesting for you to roll it by yourselves.◎There're three restaurants in the city and they're different each other. You need to check beforehand whether reservation is needed or not. Sorry, but under 12 years old children can't use the restaurant.


Oniku-no Oshushi (Meat Sushi) Kyoto Gion


Colorful Gyusen-Don For Only Lunch

Colorful 'Gyusen Don' to eat Matsuzaka Beef flake mixed with yolk. The beef and pickles on the plate, also white-miso soup are all delicious and beautiful, which is a photogenic lunch. We can't book for lunch.


Teuchi Soba HANAMOMO


Want To Eat Every Year! Sudachi Soba Noodle For Only Summer

It's a limited menu for only summer, which looks cool and makes us forget the hot climate of Kyoto. The dashi soup and sudachi (refreshing citrus fruit) has good gentle fragrances, and smooth soba noodle can bring my chopsticks continuously. The soup is really delicious that I want to drink all of it.


Beautiful 'Teae Zushi' To Eat At A Traditional Japanese House

AWOMB is very popular restaurant that has four branches in Kyoto. Among them, restaurant in Gion Yasaka has authentic Kyoto's atmosphere for the shop curtain at the entrance. All ingredients are cooked carefully one by one, and we can choose as we like, then make 'Teae Zushi'.