Gourd Cherry Blossom (Hyotan Zakura)

Gourd Cherry Blossom is one of the best places to travel in Niyodogawa, Kochi Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for map, how to get there, spots nearby, attractions and photos of Gourd Cherry Blossom posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

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500 Years Old Tree! The Beauty Of 'Gourd Cherry Blossom' Watching The Town

The old Edohigan Zakura at Niyodogawa town is called 'Gourd (Hyotan) Cherry Blossom'. It's named because the bud looks like gourd. I wander this cherry tree has watched this town for as long as 500 years… It was a great scenery of such cherry blossom and town!◎Accessible by only car. If you don't drive, it's nice to join in the tour.


Hyōtan Zakura In The Early Morning Standing Among Silence

When I began to take pictures, it was still dark. There're only the sounds of birds, and we can feel the great nature with our whole body. Hyōtan Zakura is 500 years old and as tall as 21 meters, so its standing existence is impressive. Together with other cherry blossom trees around it, we can enjoy this scenery very much.