Best Tourist Spots In Kochi

Here're best Tourist Spots in Kochi. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kochi.

Best Tourist Spots In Kochi [1-10]


Muroto Geopark


A Mysterious Tree At Muroto Geopark You Can Enjoy The Earth

You can enjoy and learn workings of the earth at Nuroto Geopark. A subtropical plant 'Akou' takes root on the earth and the branches stretch with strong power of life, you can see here. It's like a world of Ghibli movie 'Castle in the Sky'.◎It's approved as a UNESCO Global Geopark, which is rare among some geoparks in Japan. This tree is designated as a natural monument of the city.


The Nature's Art 'Turbidite' That Once In The Seafloor

The sand and mud were piled up, became the layered rock, then they had taken much time to be pushed up to the ground. This Turbidite is a place you can touch things once in the seafloor, and it's like an art of nature.◎The rocks are bigger than I thought, I can feel the energy of great nature.


Like Laputa! Akou Tree Holding Rocks

Just 30 seconds walk from the parking area. The walking path in Muroto Cape is an another world. There're rich growth of tropical plants, and the gloomy atmosphere is like a jungle. The impressive Akou tree, whose bare thick roots hide big rocks, gives us a mysterious feeling and power of nature.


The Cherry Blossoms Decorating Kochi Castle As One Of The 100 Best Castles In Japan

In spring, Kochi Castle is a popular place to see the cherry blossoms in this prefecture, and many people come and enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing). Kochi Castle, one of the 100 best castles in Japan, is decorated by cherry blossoms, and becomes more beautiful than that in other seasons.◎The best season to see is from the end of March to the beginning of April.


A Fine View Of Kochi Town From A Donjon

There're many exhibitions on each floor, and you can get the fine view of Kochi town from the castle top.


Gourd Cherry Blossom (Hyotan Zakura)


500 Years Old Tree! The Beauty Of 'Gourd Cherry Blossom' Watching The Town

The old Edohigan Zakura at Niyodogawa town is called 'Gourd (Hyotan) Cherry Blossom'. It's named because the bud looks like gourd. I wander this cherry tree has watched this town for as long as 500 years… It was a great scenery of such cherry blossom and town!◎Accessible by only car. If you don't drive, it's nice to join in the tour.


Hyōtan Zakura In The Early Morning Standing Among Silence

When I began to take pictures, it was still dark. There're only the sounds of birds, and we can feel the great nature with our whole body. Hyōtan Zakura is 500 years old and as tall as 21 meters, so its standing existence is impressive. Together with other cherry blossom trees around it, we can enjoy this scenery very much.


Ryoma Sakamoto Loved Here! A Famous Tourist Spot 'Katsura-hama'

Katsura-hama is famous as a scenic moon-viewing spot, and said to be loved by Ryoma Sakamoto who is a historical figure who played an active role at the end of the Edo period. It commands the whole view of The Pacific Ocean, and we tour the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto, and some souvenir shops.


A Romantic Beach

The beach is kept in good repair, and the shining horizon looks very romantic and beautiful from here. Good for a date.


An Imposing Statue Of Ryoma Sakamoto Gazing At The Ocean

13.5m statue of Ryoma Sakamoto is on the small hill top. He's a famous and popular great man born in Kochi. The Pacific Ocean looks very beautiful from here.


Kashiwa Island Beach


Swim In The Kashiwa Blue! A Paradise At The Remotest Place In Shikoku

Kashiwa-jima Island is located at the westernmost of Kochi Pref. People say the clear emerald sea isn't worse than Okinawa's, or more like the Mediterranean. It was not easy to go there, but I could enjoy like being a paradise.◎For threre're craggy places under the bridge, you need to ware marine shoes and rash guard.


A Paradise Of Sea Creatures Under The Kashiwa Blue

Kashiwa Island has beautiful sea around it. I enjoyed diving and could meet the attractive sea creatures under the sea! For that reason, Kashiwa Island is the object of many divers attention. You can find some diving shops that prepare all tools to experience diving without license.◎You can enjoy diving without license in the range of 'diving experience'. And some diving shops in Kashiwa Island have this services. But if you want to do diving many times, you should get license.




The Emerald Waterfall Basin Of A Most Beautiful Niyodo River

A waterfall basin 'Niko-buchi' belongs to the branch of Niyodo River whose water quality is the most beautiful in Japan. The very clear water like emerald is called Niyodo Blue, and here is a popular place to see it. Though the path is severe, you can meet the mysterious scenery!◎You can find a signboard on the way to 'Green Park Hodono'. To the waterfall basin, you need to hold the chain for about 4 meters. The most beautiful time is when the sun stays right above.


Exact A Spectacular Scenery Of Blue! A Mysterious Basin

Niyodo River running in Kochi has won the first prize of the clearest water in Japan many times. For the blueness of water, it's called 'Niyodo blue' in recent years and 'Niko pool' is a representative spot of Niyodo blue.


Monet's Garden Marmottan In Kitagawa Village


Wisteria Makes It More Beautiful. Only One 'Monet's Garden' Allowed To Use The Name In The World

In Japan, there're some places called Monet's Garden, but the only one allowed officially by the head country France is here in Kitagawa Village in Kochi. Wisteria has reached the best time to see, and the beautiful view of the world has come to a crest♪◎Entrance Fee: adult¥700 You can walk round in 2 or 3 hours. Access: by car or taking bus from Nahari Station


A Garden With Blue Water Lilies Monet Dreamed Of

'Water Lilies' is a great work by Monet, in fact, he couldn't realize the blue water lily because it doesn't orient to the climate in North France. At Monet Garden in Kitagawa Village, you can see such blue water lilies actually.◎Opening hours: 9:00-17:00. Regular holiday: Tuesdays. Admission fee: 700 yen,


Nishikawa Flower Park


Full Bloom Peach, Cherry And Canola Flowers Like A Fairyland!

Many flower-peach, cherry blossom, and canola flowers become full bloom, and we can enjoy spring scenery. Though it's beautiful to look from a distance, we can walk up under these trees! The scenery overlooked from high position is also breathtaking, and beautiful like a fairyland.


The Canola Flower Carpet & Flower Peach Spreading Over The Mountain

The colors of canola flower and flower peach are beautiful at Nishikawa Flower Festival. During the festival, we can enjoy the local specialty foods such as five-colored rice cakes, okowa rice whose color is like cherry blossom. Let's enjoy spring scenery and tastes.


Sata Subsiding Bridge


Subsiding Bridge On The Clearest Shimanto River And The Peaceful Scenry

Shimanto River is said to be the clearest river in Japan. There're some subsiding bridges, such as Sata Bridge, that sink in the water when the river goes up. You can walk on the bridge, and also cross it by car! Shimanto River is so clear!◎You can access by also trolley bus from Nakamura Station.


Iwama Chinka-bashi Bridge


A Scenic Subsiding Bridge Crosses The Japan's Last Clear Stream

There're many subsiding ('chinka' in Japanese) bridges across Shimanto River that is called the last clear stream in Japan. Among them, Iwama Chinka Bridge is specially popular. Flowing water is so clear that it produces tasteful scenery together with the bridge above the water.