Tanioka Shokudo


Tanioka Shokudo is one of the best restaurants to travel in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Tanioka Shokudo posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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A Specialty Food At Shionoe Onsen Hot Spring Town! Special Chinese Noodles Only On Weekdays

A dinner at Shionoe, a hot spring town located in the suburbs of Takamatsu. Its specialty is an old style Chinese noodles (Chuka Soba) with rich soup and juicy chicken. There're many fans of this food, and you can eat it on only weekdays.
The ordinary Chines noodles is available even on weekends. Special Chinese Noodles 600yen, Chinese Noodles 500yen



1551-1 Dai 2 Gou Yasuhara-shimo Shionoe-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa









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Kawata Udon

Miracle Udon Of Sanuki Olive Beef Which is Nice Combination With Sudachi And Wasabi

Sanuki olive beef is the local grown beef of Kagawa. It's light flavor matches yam, sudachi and wasabi, Japanese seasonings. It's a kind of not ordinal but delicious dish!


The Full Course Fresh Fish Grown in Setouchi Sea

This Japanese cuisine restaurant in the suburbs is known only to few. The full course fresh fish grown in Setouchi-sea including rare one and expensive one is Superb. I felt eating fish for a month.


Natural Unagi (Eel) Dishes You Can Eat At Lower Price

The restaurant owner said 'Kagawa is unknown but great place to eat delicious eel at lower price.' They use natural born eels caught in Kagawa, and the Unaju (grilled eel on rice with sauce) is very savory and meaty. You can eat the quality Unaju at lower price than any other restaurants.


Sticking Out From The Bowl! 'Prime Seto Kakiage Oroshi Udon Noodle'

This udon shop is the most famous for its 'Kakiage Udon'. Kakiage of the local grown shrimp and octopus nearly covers the whole of noodles, and is always fried freshly. The chewy handmade Sanuki Udon noodles are excellent with crisp Kakiage!

Cafe Jardin

Mass Phlox Blooms In 15000 Square Meters

Moss phlox blooms like a caarpet at very well-kept garden. In the heart of the garden, there's a café you can spend a time while watching the beautiful flowers.

Nakamura Main-Store

The Real Ability Of Grilled Meat Restaurant In Kagawa. Uchikomi Udon Noodle Cooked After Ordered

It's nowhere but in Kagawa, a place famous for udon noodle. I recommend genuine uchikomi udon after eating grilled meat. They start to cook it after they take order.


Creative French Dishes You Can Enjoy In A Historical House

I visited here for the first time. Their creative and wonderful French dishes such as candy cabbages and a cherry blossom jelly for a dessert made me happy so much.

Ikoi Syokudo

Shionoe Chinese Noodle

Some eating houses in Shionoe provide Chinese noodle. And very delicious. A little sweet soup like for udon, chewy chicken and egg, a rare style for Chinese noodle.

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