Kayouhou is one of the best restaurants to travel in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Kayouhou posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Specialty Cafe Of Herb Tea Standing At Heike Pond Side

A specialty herb tea cafe standing at a calm residential area facing to Heike Pond in Busshozan, Kagawa Prefecture. Medical herb coordinator makes the original blend of tea. You can eat lunch and sweets with such herb tea in an elegant room.
Many kinds of original blend of tea, Lunch with herb tea 1000yen. It's located over Heike Golf Center from Busshozan Park.



3135-32 Kou Busshozan-cho, takamatsu-shi, kagawa









Nearby Foods & Restaurants

Teuchi Udon Bakaichidai

The Original Udon with Egg and Butter

Just boiled udon with butter matches the black pepper very much.


In A Scenic Beauty, Lunch In A Box Cooked By A Japanese Restaurant Nicho

You can heve lunch in a box only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at Higurashi-tei, a Japanese tea room in Ritsurin Garden. It would be special lunch time eating in front of the historical garden covered with moss.


Fish Store's Sushi Of Big & Fresh Seafood Grown In Great Fishery, Seto Inland Sea

Scenic Seto Inland Sea is a great fishery because of its fast currents. Here is sushi cooked by a fish store where you can eat big, fresh and delicious seafood of Seto! You can't eat it in one mouthful!


A Big and Fresh Setouchi Seafood for Sushi

This sushi restaurant is a little far from the town central. Many people come for this big, fresh and rich Setouchi seafood on their sushi. It is more reasonable than you eat in the central.

Kawata Udon

Miracle Udon Of Sanuki Olive Beef Which is Nice Combination With Sudachi And Wasabi

Sanuki olive beef is the local grown beef of Kagawa. It's light flavor matches yam, sudachi and wasabi, Japanese seasonings. It's a kind of not ordinal but delicious dish!


Must Eat At Udon Prefecture! Amber Color 'Sanuki Chuka-soba' Ramen With Savory Smell Of 'Iriko'

Chuka-soba ramen and its soup was made from iriko (small dried sardines) broth which is usually used for udon noodle soup. Enjoy the strong flavor and savory smell of iriko, and the refreshing lingering taste!

Grill Yashima

Sanuki Local Specialty Meat, Olive Beef And Sanuki Yume Pork Appearing Together

Both are the local specialty. A delicious meat dish of roast and BBQ grill styles.

Ikkaku Ota Store

Oyadori, A Grown Chicken That Is Spicy, Juicy and Unique Texture

Kagawa-ken called 'Udon-ken' is famous for a local noodle 'Udon' but not only that. A chicken with bone served by the restaurant 'Ikkaku' is also famous. Both Oyadori and Hinadori (not grown chicken) are spicy and juicy. But I recommend Oyadori because it is more delicious and chewy and goes well with beer.


A Special Unajyu, A Sandwich Of Soft Grilled Eel And Rice

There are many eel restaurants closely in this area. The best of all I think is Uotake. Its price, meaty ell and savory small are as good as ones of restaurants in Tokyo.

Ueharaya Main Store

Chewy Udon And Stock Soup Of Dried Sardines!! The Royal Road Of Kake-udon

When you haven't decide where you go to eat udon, you must come here. But, this restaurant is 'do it yourself' style.

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