Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡'

Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡' is one of the best restaurants to travel in Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for reviews, menu, hours, access, map and photos of Kitashinchi Kushi-katsu BON '凡' posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]


The Most Eminent Kushi-katsu In Osaka

One Michelin-starred and popular Kushi-katsu restaurant 'Bon' in Kitashinchi. They use rich foodstuffs like truffle and sea urchin egg, and wrap the ingredients gently with fluffy coating. People say this restaurant is the most eminent in Osaka, an authentic town of kushi-katsu!
They offer best ones until guests say stop. I think the food would be 12000 yen & drinks, but it changes.