Gion Matsuri Festival

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Gion Matsuri Festival 4 Reviews


Japanese Summer Festival Since 1150 Years Ago, For Which 200 Thousand People Get Together Every Year

You can enjoy Gion-bayashi (traditional festival music), Yamahoko floats that are hardly seen, and food stalls! The main Shijo Street becomes pedestrian precinct from Horikawa to Higashi-Oji.


An Eve Of Gion Festival, One Of The Three Biggest Festivals In Japan

Kyoto's summer event 'Gion Matsuri' and its eve would come most alive. Lightened floats and lanterns, and the fantastic sounds make the festival more alive.◎On the eve 7/15-16, 18:00-23:00, some streets become pedestrian precinct and you can look closer. Many stalls open to make the festival alive.


Main Event Of Gion Festival! Floats Strolling

On 7/17, as many as 23 floats stroll the main street from Shijo Karasuma Street. These floats, admired as moving museums, are worth seeing. Enjoy summer festival in Kyoto.◎It starts 9:00 at Shijo Karasuma and goes around the area. Tsujimawashi, changing the direction at a crossing, is dynamic highlight!