La Collina Omihachiman

La Collina Omihachiman is one of the best shops to travel in Omihachiman-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Here're guides for attractions, hours, access, map and photos of La Collina Omihachiman posted by Japanese travelers in the know.[last modified: ]

La Collina Omihachiman 3 Reviews


Like A World In Movie! Photogenic Shop Standing With Nature

It stands in the woods against the background of Mt. Hachiman, and its roof is totally covered with grass. This architect has so impressive design that makes me wonder I enter the world in some movies.◎It's a confectionery shop such as CLUB HARIE's Baumkuchen, Japanese sweets and also western style sweets. You can buy them to go, or use cafe. I rented bicycle from Omihachiman Station, and it took 20 or 30 min. There're bus service from Omihachiman Station!


A Magnificent Idea For Standing Close To Nature Of Omi Hachiman! A Confectionary Shop Of Woods & Greens

Mountains and woods, rich nature of Omi Hachiman surrounds this confectionary shop. There're main shop, market, bakery and places where the people can communicate each other with nature. You can enjoy freshly made sweets in nature.


Like A World Of Studio Ghibli! A Lovely Shop In The Time Gliding Calmly

This shop covered with moss like a world appears in movies of Studio Ghibli, is a flagship of a long-established Japanese confectionery shop TANEYA. They prepare ice cream with rich taste of milk, and fleshly baked Baumkuchen, and other various kinds of sweets. You can enjoy these confectionery while you feel relaxing nature.◎40 min by car from Youkaichi IC of Meishin Speedway. It opens from 9:00. Some good-seller sweets are possible to be sold out.