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Mt. Tsurugi is one of the best places to travel in Naka, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.  Here're guides for access, map, spots nearby, reviews and photos of Mt. Tsurugi posted by Japanese travelers in the know.
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Grand Scenery From 1955m Mountain Top

One of the 100 best mountains in Japan, and the second highest in the western Japan. The breathtaking scenery spreads on the mountain top located 1995m above sea level. Specially, the ridge named 'Jiro-gyu' you can see from the terrace is extremely beautiful.

Sky Terrace Of Tsurugi-san, One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan

Tsurugi-san is known as a mountain for beginner climbers because the lift and path are equipped, though it's a 2000-meter mountain. On the top, a scenic terrace are set up for all directions to see the beautiful view that is one of the 100 best mountains in Japan.

One Of The 100 Best Mountains In Japan! The Great View From The Highest Top In Tokushima

The highest mountain in Tokushima, Tsurugi-san is 1955 meters high and selected as one of the 100 best mountains in Japan. Even mountain climb beginners can go by a lift to the middle, and see the great view from the top.

Supreme Overnight Stay At Mt. Tsurugi! Kirengeshoma Flowers, The Milky Way, And The Sunrise Over The Sea Of Clouds

You can climb Mt. Tsurugi from the lift to the top in 30 min. I stayed overnight at a mountain hut on the top... Then, I could see the starry sky and the sunrise over the sea of clouds! From the late July to the early August, the original volunteer plant Kirengeshoma is also in the best season to see.



Iwakura Naka-cho, naka-gun, tokushima


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By car, 90 min from Mima IC, 120 min from Tokushima Airport, 120 min from Tokushima Station, to the lift platform. Take the lift, then walk 40 min to the mountain top.


Free parking area is available



Nearby Things To Do

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridge

Taste Your Nerve! 'Female Bridge' Of Double Kazura Bridges With See-through Floorboards

Okuiya Double Kazura Bridges have Obashi (Male Bridge) and Mebashi (Female Bridge). It's better for you to challenge Female Bridge because it's shorter and lower than Male Bridge. The handrail is made by ivy, and the floorboards are see-through. It's frightening! Don't swing it, pleaseeee!

Jiro-gyu Mountain

Jiro-gyu, A Neighboring Mountain Of Tsurugi-san Mountain

Jiro-gyu faces to Tsurugi-san, which are the highest mountains in Tokushima. From the top of Jirogyu, you can command the whole views of Kagawa and Kochi Prefectures as well as beautiful Tsurugi-san. It'll be good for you to visit also here when you climb Tsurugi-san.

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