Most Instagenic Cafes In Okayama Prefecture

Here're most Instagenic cafes in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. There're many Instagram worthy places you can get 'like' in your SNS, such as Parlor Kudamono Komachi with sweets and beautiful bamboo garden, and Kurumaza Yurinan famous for the smiling pudding. Then, we selected best Instagenic ones from 'special places to travel in Japan' that were posted in City's Pride by travelers and the locals who have actually been to Okayama.

Most Instagenic Cafes In Okayama Prefecture [1-7]


A Coffee Shop With Taisho Period Atmosphere & Aroma Of Arts

A coffee shop next to Ohara Museum. The drip coffee of four kinds of bean is mild and refined. You can have a good time with arts and antiques.

2Parlor Kudamono Komachi

A Fruit Parlor With Surprising Bamboo Garden

A café of fruit located at 'Bikan Historical Quarter' famous for traditional houses. This shop has a beautiful bamboo garden that makes people surprised to say 'what's it for?' And you can eat Okayama's specialties such as peach and muscat grapes.


Slow Cafe Time In Front Of Seto Inland Sea

Ochaya-ato was renovated from a old house and born as a cafe, antique shop, and gallery. Time in this cafe with the scenery of calm Seto Inland Sea and Maeshima Island, can make you feel gracious and comfortable.

4Unomachi Coffee

A Popular Book Cafe With Photogenic Sweets

Unomachi Coffee is a book cafe in a shopping mall located 5min by car from Uno Port. There're various photogenic sweets with fruit, Okayama is famous as a fruit production, and you can enjoy them with some books in a open room.


Surprised To Do A Double Take! Retro & Photogenic Cafe Of London Bus

I was surprised and did a bubble take when I found the two storied London bus at the West Bypass! This genuine London bus was shipped and renovated to a cafe. The bus itself and also the interior have an atmosphere of antique, and photogenic!

6Kurashiki Momoko Main Shop

Summer's Sightseeing in Kurashiki with the Specialty Cool White-Peach Smoothie

The sticky smoothie is made from white-peaches which are specialties of Okayama and is an essential drink for summer's sightseeing in Bikan area.


Cuisine Of The Restaurant Moves You, The View Of The Seto Bridge Fascinates You

Before you enjoy the steak of Okayama matured beef, you will be fascinated by the superb view of Seto Inland Sea spreading as far as you can see from the window. All of the restaurant is quite nice.