Best Tourist Spots In Kumamoto

Here're best Tourist Spots in Kumamoto. We released a ranking of reviews about Tourist Spots posted by travelers and locals who have actually been to Kumamoto.

Best Tourist Spots In Kumamoto [1-10]

1Nabegataki Fall


The Curtain Of Water

Nabegataki Fall is a rare waterfall we can walk its reverse. Though it's not so big, we can see it very close and that much volume of water is powerful! It has become famous since it was used for the location of TV commercial.

Oguni-machi in Kumamoto, there's a waterfall named Nabe-ga Taki. The scene of water falling widely is like a white curtain, and creates a mysterious scenery. Furthermore, it's a rare waterfall that you can see the opposite side.


From Mt.Daikanbo, you can command a view of Aso mountains. Many people come to enjoy the fine view from here.

Daikanbo commands a great whole view of Aso Mountains and many tourist visit from all over Japan. On sunny days, you can see the gorgeous combination of clear blue sky and greens.

3Kikuchi Gorge

Kikuchi Gorge, where the authorities concerned had prohibited from entering since the earthquake in April of 2016, was revived completely. You can feel refreshed when you walk in the gorge with lush green and clear stream.◎Entrance fee: 100 yen

Kikuchi Gorge in the season of fall foliage, has beautiful scenery everywhere. When I visited the gorge, I could see the beautiful golden reflections on the river.

4Aso Kusasenri


Great Nature Of Aso Area

You can enjoy great nature and Aso's specialty food. You will be fascinated with the scenery that you can see only here in the world.

In Aso, Noyaki (burning off dead grass) takes place on every March. Aso is covered with green in summer, but after the burning off dead grass, it becomes brown or black as coal. And the scenery has magnificent beauty which makes you feel like being in other country.

5Kamishikimi-kumano-imasu Shrine

A shrine in Kumamoto, which has become famous secretly as a spiritual power spot. There's some mysterious atmosphere that I can't describe well. I could see very beautiful and tranquil scenery.

Here's a spiritual power spot that is said to have divine grace for matrimony. Lanterns standing in a line and staircases are overgrown with moss to envelop the approach in solemn atmosphere.

6Oshitoishi Hill

Oshitoishi Hill was used for a location of a movie 'Attack on Titan'. There're many huge rocks on the hill, and we can have a whole view of Aso.


Yachiyoza is a very valuable building that still has the style in Edo period and is recognized as a National Important Cultural Property. As we come inside, the scenery is very awesome. It's used even now every week, a famous Kabuki actor Ebizō Ichikawa often plays here. If it has not performances on that day, visitors can see inside, and also the dressing room and stage.

8Yamagashi Lantern Roman, Hyakka Hyakusai

Around a important cultural asset's playhouse 'Yachiyo-za', Hyakka Hyakusai is a festival with warm-lighted lanterns. It gets very crowded with tourists, so make your baggage as small as you can. After walking around, it's nice to take Yamagashi Onsen and warm your body. It's held on every Friday ans Saturday of February.

9Ripple Land

A road station 'Ripple Land' in Amakusa where people enjoy delicious octopus food. The seaside 'Ariake Octo-Park' has a huge monument of octopus and a memorial tower, so don't forget to take pictures.

10Iruka Marine World

They say there're about 300 wild dolphins in the sea of Amakusa, and the dolphin watching cruise is very popular tourist attraction. The dolphins swimming very close to the boat are very thing that makes people healed.◎Dolphin encounter rate is over 95!